Did Adam22 Stage Being Robbed at Gunpoint? Some Fans Think So

Fans of YouTube and podcast personality Adam22 are suggesting that his recent experience of being held at gunpoint on air might have been staged.

Adam’s real name is Adam John Grandmaison, and he’s known for his YouTube channel, No Jumper. His YouTube channel has over 2.6 million subscribers, and he prioritizes interviewing “underground artists and tastemakers,” per LAD Bible. In the moments leading up to the incident on Sunday, Adam22 was talking about fellow influencer Shane Dawson’s 2015 “joke” about being sexually involved with his cat.

In the wake of the apparent attack, Adam22 took to Instagram and Twitter to address the situation. On Instagram, he said, “They tried to kill me lmao” On Twitter, Adam22 wrote, “If I got shot tonight my dying words would have been something about how Shane Dawson didn’t jizz on a cat”

Some fans have begun to call the Los Angeles personality out for what they believe was a staged incident. Here’s what you need to know:

Did Adam22 Stage Being Robbed at Gunpoint? One Twitter User: ‘That Sh*t Was Super Fake’

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They tried to kill me lmao

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In response to the incident (which you can see above), some users have begun to call out the allegedly questionable aspects of the incident, like why a gunman would rob the podcaster during an on air stream.

One user wrote, “Nobody with a gun runs in your room and says ‘you wanna go right now?’ Lmao”

Another user wrote, “kinda upset adam22 didn’t get shot even tho he staged this sh*t”

Many have pointed out that it’s confusing how the apparent gunman would have gotten into the recording booth without being stopped by security. One user suggested that security might have been on break at the time.

Another user suggested that Adam22 should fire his security guards: “If I was Adam22; I’d fire my whole entire staff ASAP. How tf does a dude rob you mid interview?!?! F*cker shouldn’t even be in the building. Terrible awareness.”

One Twitter user wrote, “This bullsh*t fake as h*ll man, c’mon now.”

Another user suggested that Adam22 was “out for money,” writing on Twitter, “You’re really out here trying to make money from this”

Still another user suggested Adam22 staged the incident to benefit his ratings, writing, “ had to think of something rq he was taking a heavy tank in the game and he executed”

It’s worth noting that a number of fans are simply concerned for Adam22’s wellbeing, and believe that the incident was authentic and, for many, terrifying. And above all, many people are simply looking for more information.

One user wrote, “ yo can we get a vlog on the full story today. What happened, who knocked him out, why did Hakim take so long to come help. All the deets please!”

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