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Britten Cole is faced with some tough decisions on tonight’s episode of Married to Medicine: Los Angeles after her husband Mack gives her an ultimatum: they need to either find a house quickly, or move back to Florida.

For those who need a recap, M2MLA follows a group of doctors and wives in the Los Angeles Medical community as they “navigate their careers, social circles and marriages,” according to Hollywood Life. The LA spinoff follows the doctors wives, including Asha, Shanique, Jazmin, Dr. Imani Walker, Dr. Noelle Reid, and Dr. Britten Cole.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode shows some drama brewing for the M2MLA ladies. The synopsis reads: “Britten is faced with an ultimatum from Mack to either find a house or move back to Orlando. Noelle talks through with her daughter’s pre-teen woes, while Shanique’s family argues about how to deal with bullies. Later, Dr. Imani throws a Truth, Trust and Transparency party to finally settle the drama between Shanique and Asha, but new revelations threaten to split the friendship circle wide open.”

Britten and Mack have been happily married for several years, and share two children together – Ivy and Mack Jr. According to Britten’s bio on Bravo, they are only in Los Angeles for the summer, until Britten made the decision to move to Los Angeles full-time to “take her career to the next level.”

“Before her husband commits to relocating, he wants to make sure that Britten isn’t making an impulsive decision,” her bio reads. “Britten’s military background taught her to be strong and handle her emotions well in front of others but the mask drops when she struggles to be apart from her family in Los Angeles.”

It is clear enough from her bio that Britten and her husband were already unsure about the move to begin with, especially considering they had just come to LA to visit for the summer before Britten decided she wanted to move. It looks like Mack might just be concerned that she is making a spur-of-the-moment decision without fully thinking it through, and wants to make sure his wife is completely on board with the life-changing move before they commit to it.

In the preview clip for tonight’s episode, Britten can be seen video-chatting with her husband, who is visibly frustrated when she tells him she hasn’t found a house yet.

“I don’t know if you’re purposely dragging your feet, but in the next three months we need to find a place,” he tells her.

Aside from Mack and Britten’s issues, there is also tension between the other ladies in the group, as seen in the clip at the beginning of this article. Jazmin Johnson is angry about the comments Dr. Imani Walker’s made about her home looking like a “drug dealer lived there,” and emotions run high when certain truths bubble to the surface after Dr. Imani throws a Truth, Trust and Transparency party in an attempt to settle the drama between Shanique and Asha.

Married To Medicine Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. Tune in tonight to see how Britten and Mack’s issues unfold.

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