Kyle Cooke & Amanda Batula Are Still Together: Did He Cheat on Her?

Kyle Cooke Amanda Batula


Kyle Cooke is one of the main cast members on the reality show Summer House, which airs on Bravo. The show enters its third season and Cooke returns to the Hamptons with his girlfriend (now fiancee), Amanda Batula. In the past two seasons, Cooke has been fickle when it comes to their relationship. He has been single yet couldn’t stay away from her. Then, he’s tried to get back together with her while hooking up with other women. Finally, he made up his mind and moved forward with Batula. The two of them are still together today and have even gotten engaged, but they definitely have some drama headed straight for them this season.

Cooke is accused of having cheated on Batula and it’s definitely feasible, considering his behavior on the last two seasons. Regardless of this, the two appear to still be together and headed for the altar.

In September 2018, Cooke and Batula got engaged, with Batula gushing to People over her new fiance. Batula said, “Aside from how funny and sexy he is, Kyle’s my best friend. He’s the person I go to for everything. And he forces me to be a better person in different ways by pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Life with him is exciting. And to think he wants to spend the rest our his life with me and I feel the same way, it’s just a real happy feeling.”

Cooke then chimed in and said, “Amanda’s the most authentic, genuine person I’ve ever met. I really look up to her. She’s incredibly selfless, thoughtful, generous and accommodating. She puts family and friends as the top priority and bends over backward for the people that are important to her. That’s what you look for in someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. She’s a hell of a partner.”

Prior to the season 3 premiere of Summer House, Cooke said that he and Batula watch every single episode of the show together, the good and the bad. Cooke wrote on Instagram, “OUR 1st #SUMMERHOUSE PIC! July 4th, 2016 … I invited @amandabatula to the house TWICE that weekend. She signed a film release and the rest is history (quite literally). Ever since, we have watched every episode together, the good ones and the bad. It’s not easy reliving the tough and challenging parts of our relationship every year, ever episode, 8 months after it happened, but here we are. Happily engaged, and about to watch the premiere of Season 3. Thank you to everyone for your love and support!”

On the premiere episode, cast member Lindsay Hubbard talked about the tension between herself, Cooke and Batula. In conversations with other housemates and in her time talking to the cameras, Hubbard said that Cooke had been cheating on Batula. Before filming, Cooke had vented to his fellow castmates, including Hubbard, about how he felt Batula should be treated. This created more tension in the house and it was clear when the show started filming.

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