Ghost Is Back: The Best Memes & Reactions About Ghost’s Return to ‘Game of Thrones’

Ghost on Game of Thrones

HBO Ghost on Game of Thrones

Well, Jon Snow’s Direwolf Ghost is finally back on Game of Thrones. He appeared in Season 8 Episode 2. And although we’re glad to see him, you probably couldn’t have asked for a more anticlimactic return.

Yes, we’re grateful that Ghost is back. But apparently the CGI budget wasn’t great enough to actually have him interact with anyone. And if you blinked, you missed him. The saddest part is that he wasn’t even standing next to Jon Snow. But at least he’s back in some form, which is better than nothing.

Because CGI is expensive, Ghost wasn’t in Season 7 at all, much to fans’ disappointment. Sansa briefly mentioned Ghost in Episode 5 of Season 7, but aside from that, he wasn’t in the plot. Bryan Cogman, a writer for Game of Thronesrevealed that he wrote a scene for Ghost in Season 7, but it was cut. He was going to show Ghost when Jon left the Winterfell crypts. He petted Ghost and asked him to take care of Sansa. Cogman guessed that the scene was cut because the CGI for Ghost was too expensive.

Here is where he was in the episode. I’m just really glad we finally got to see him again.


Here’s a lightened version of that photo.


Until today, Ghost hadn’t been seen since the beginning of Season 6 when Jon first came back to life. We had heard that Ghost was coming back for Season 8 and he’s going to do “some pretty cool things” in the final season, according to Joe Bauer, special effects supervisor of Game of Thrones. Those cool things didn’t happen today though. :(

But some fans were just really excited to see him again, no matter how.

Some thought they saw him in the Season 8 trailer, possibly when some horses were seen walking. But other fans suggested it might actually by Nymeria in the trailer, not Ghost. And still others just thought it was a lighter-colored horse. Then there’s a scene from the trailer, when a group of people are hiding in the crypts of Winterfell, possibly in Robb’s tomb. Did Ghost hide with them?

Sadly, only two “official” direwolves are still alive — Ghost and Nymeria. Grey Wind, Lady, Summer, and Shaggydog are all gone.


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