Ramona Singer and Ex-Husband Mario’s Relationship: Are They Back Together?

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Ramona Singer first appeared on the Real Housewives of New York City with her longtime husband, Mario Singer. Over the years and the course of the seasons, the two went through a scandalous split, where Mario was cheating with a younger, socialite, who was his mistress. So, for fans to see the exes hanging out on an episode of RHONY, it’s surprising. They aren’t back together but they seem to have come to a good place in their relationship.

Ramona goes out for the night with fellow Housewives Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan when she runs into ex Mario on RHONY. The ex-couple greet each other with smiles and kisses, and the other women are quite friendly with him as well. Sonja said that when Mario and Ramona were getting divorced, he didn’t act like himself. Ramona said that her ex went through a mid-life crisis and he is now back to the man she was married to for so many years.

Also on the episode, Mario and Ramona talked about whether or not marriage should be a renewable contract. Mario seemed in favor of it. Meanwhile, Ramona told the cameras that Mario is still fun to flirt with but that she doesn’t want him back.

During the filming of the season, Ramona told Entertainment Tonight, “You know being with Mario, filming with him, it’s just kind of deja vu. Mario and I are in a very good place. We’re friends. We share a daughter together — and, listen, he was a really great husband and father for so many years, he really was, that’s why we were married for over 20 years.” On the other hand, Ramona revealed on Watch What Happens Live that, “I could never be with him again. What we had was very special and very good, but you know, things move on.”

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In 2014 and 2015, photos of Mario Singer and mistress Kasey Dexter were published all over the internet. According to Radar Online, the two had a back and forth relationship, breaking up and making up. Ramona even said that she gave her husband a second chance to be faithful and it didn’t take. Ramona later admitted on RHONY that she went to her house in the Hamptons and found Mario’s mistress in her home. So, there was a great deal of drama going on during Ramona’s split from her husband.

When the affair became national news, Ramona told People that, “Mario’s behavior is embarrassing to me and my daughter. We aren’t embarrassed. We are embarrassed for him … I told Mario it’s over because he lied to me about still being in contact with this Kasey. I said, ‘You are a liar. You are a betrayer. I don’t want you in my life anymore. I tried to make it work for a year and that’s it. I’m done.’ My daughter even said to him, ‘If you don’t want to be with Mommy, then do the right thing and split up.’ She’s angry at him. It’s upsetting.”

In February 2018, Page Six reported that Mario and mistress-turned-girlfriend, Kasey, had broken up. Mario reportedly discovered that Kasey was having an affair by using a hidden camera in their West Palm Beach, Florida home. A source told Page Six that, “Kasey didn’t mean to hurt him, she just fell in love with someone else.”

Mario and Ramona were married from 1992 – 2015 and they have one daughter, named Avery, together.