What Time Is ‘Saturday Night Live’ on TV Tonight?

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Saturday Night Live continues tonight on NBC. The show will air at 11:30pm ET, or 8:30 p.m. PT depending on your time zone. It will be hosted by first-time guest Kit Harrington, and Sara Bareilles will be featured as the musical act.

Harrington, as many people know, is perhaps best known for playing Jon Snow on the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. The series will return for its eighth and final season next week, so be prepared for plenty of jokes related to Harrington’s character.

This Is Kit Harrington’s First Time Hosting SNL

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In a recent Variety interview, Harrington talked about living with the character of Jon Snow for nearly a decade. “A huge part of my 20s are me with that look,” he said. “My wedding pictures [with former co-star and now-wife Rose Leslie] are me with that look. For a long time toward the end of Thrones, I felt like I wanted to be a new person but I was stuck in this shape. I took off the costume [on the last day of shooting], and it felt like my skin was being peeled away. I was very emotional. It felt like someone was shedding me of something.”

The British actor also talked about his plans for the future. “[Game of Thrones] checked that box in bucketloads,” he said. “If I was seeking fame, which honestly speaking, like any young actor, I was — I’ve done that! If my career from here on in meant I didn’t get a huge amount of fame, didn’t go to the awards ceremonies, I’d have done it.”

Harrington Has Said That He’s Eager to Shed His ‘Heroic’ Persona

“I’m not really driven by wanting to play heroes right now,” he continued. “Every script I read at the moment is about characters who are deeply flawed and in some ways antiheroes. And that doesn’t necessarily go along with my casting, so it’s going to take a bit of work to fight against that.”

Sara Bareilles will also be making her SNL debut tonight. The singer and songwriter first gained attention with the hit “Love Song” in 2007, and has gone on to release six critically acclaimed albums. She’s been nominated for seven Grammy Awards, as well as a Tony for composing the music to the Broadway musical Waitress.

Sara Bareilles Will Also Be Making Her SNL Debut as the Musical Guest

Bareilles recently talked about her creative process and how its changed over time. “I really came away from those experiences reawakened — and maybe awakened for the first time,” she told WBur. “And I think the incredible gift I got from the last five years of working on Waitress was this beautiful sense of how important collaboration is and talking about themes that were sort of outside myself and my own story.”

When asked about the dark content of some of her songs, Bareilles said that it came from a place of introspection. “I think in my heart of hearts, I don’t feel like there is such a thing as too close to the darkness,” she explained. “I think we can’t be afraid of what is, and the closer we can go to what’s just true, it sort of takes the bite out of it. If you can just be with whatever the feeling is and know that you don’t have to change it or fix it, working on the practice of acceptance, I think, is a really, it’s a huge theme for me in my music.”

Be sure to tune into next week’s episode of SNL to watch Kit Harrington as host, and Sara Bareilles as the musical guest.