When Calls the Heart: Is Lori Loughlin (Abigail) Returning or Recast on WCTH?

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With the return of When Calls the Heart tonight for the rest of Season 6, you’ll notice one big absence: Lori Loughlin as Abigail. Is Lori Loughlin ever returning to the show? Will they cut Abigail out completely or recast the character?

It’s a little unclear what’s going to happen with Abigail in the future on the show When Calls the Heart, but there’s one thing we do know: Lori Loughlin is not returning to the show. All scenes with Abigail were edited out of the rest of Season 6, so you won’t be seeing her character again this season.

If you’re wondering what happened to When Calls the Heart, here’s a quick recap. The rest of Season 6 was put on hiatus earlier this year while Hallmark determined what to do after star Lori Loughlin’s indictment in the Operation Varsity Blues scandal. Loughlin played Abigail, a major character on the series. Hallmark let Loughlin go following allegations that she was involved in the “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal. That included ending her Garage Sales Mysteries series too.

Loughlin was filming for Hallmark when she surrendered to the FBI and was arraigned in federal court in Los Angeles, Deadline reported.

Hallmark took its time official sharing how they would handle Loughlin’s character. Early on, Fox News noted that sources said creative editing might be used to remove her from the rest of the season. EW reported the same. In fact, EW added that because of the editing needed to remove Abigail from the season, Season 6 will have one fewer episode than originally planned, for a total of nine episodes this season instead of 10.

Lansing State Journal recently reported that many scenes were re-written, re-shot, and re-edited to remove Loughlin. Abigal ran a cafe and was the moral center of the town, so her absence will definitely be felt.

It’s unclear what will happen with Abigail next season. Fans have so many theories. Some think that Abigail will leave Hope Valley and marry Pastor Frank. Others think that maybe she’ll die off screen in a tragic accident, kind of like Jack Thornton did, except there won’t be any flashbacks with her character.

Others are guessing that maybe she’ll be replaced by a different actress and the character recast. Although there was no way that would happen with Daniel Lissing’s Jack, it’s certainly a possibility with Abigail since Lori Loughlin didn’t leave on good terms with the show, but due to a legal scandal.

Fans are divided on what they hope happens to Abigail. But it’s pretty clear that no one just wants the character permanently forgotten and never mentioned again.

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