‘Paradise Hotel’: Fox Reduces Number of Episodes in Season

Paradise Hotel Finale Schedule


Bad news, Paradise Hotel fans. The show has been reduced after airing just four episodes on Fox. The series, which is hosted by Kristin Cavallari, tanked for the network, and will no longer air Monday and Wednesdays. Instead, it will air on Thursdays until June 6th, when it will all wrap up.

The show, which premiered in a two-hour block on May 9, 2019, follows single bachelors and bachelorettes on a tropical getaway resort. Each week, they have the task of pairing up with someone else in the house. One contestant must leave each episode, making room for a new guest. Fox was hoping that making the show interactive (viewers at home had the opportunity to vote) would increase viewership, but that clearly didn’t happen.

Paradise Hotel was shot in an “as it happens” format and aired three nights a week.

Extended Stay: More Drinks, Drama, & Deception | Season 1 Ep. 4 | PARADISE HOTELCheck out all of the things that weren't shown on air from the last episode of PARADISE HOTEL. Subscribe now for more Paradise Hotel clips: fox.tv/Subscribe_ParadiseHotel Watch more videos from Paradise Hotel: fox.tv/ParadiseHotelSeason1 Catch full episodes now: fox.tv/WATCHParadiseHotel Like Paradise Hotel on Facebook: fox.tv/ParadiseHotel_FB Follow Paradise Hotel on Twitter: fox.tv/ParadiseHotel_TW Follow Paradise Hotel on Instagram:…2019-05-23T00:48:44.000Z

The four episodes of Paradise Hotel have averaged a .40 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 1.2 million viewers. Compared to Fox’s top-rated series, The Masked Singer, which scored a 2.59 in the 18-49 demographic and 8.167 million viewers, it did not perform so hot.

What will take place of the episodes that were supposed to air on May 20th and 27th? Fox will fill those spots with reruns of 911. On June 3, they will air the season 16 premiere of So You Think You Can Dance?

On Thursday, Bustle released an article stating that the show’s host, Kristin Cavallari, doesn’t think you can actually fall in love on Paradise Hotel.

They quote her as saying, “I don’t know that you can really go on a TV show to find love… I mean I know it’s happened a few times but I think it’s extremely hard to trust somebody. I think that obviously, if you’re going on a TV show, there’s other motives there than just trying to find love. So I think it just adds so many different layers to it that just become so complicated and stressful to me.”

In Paradise Hotel, the winner receives $250,000. Cavalleri even said that she would never have signed up for the show when she was single. “If I did do it,” she said, “I think I’d be pretty good at the game.”

The outlet goes on to quote the former Laguna Beach star as saying, “I sort of get the best job because what I do is I go in and I drop little bombs on everybody, and then I leave and watch it unfold… So it’s fun, stirring is fun for me. It’s not necessarily me messing with everybody, it’s just … you’re moving the story along and you have their information, and so I get to constantly surprise them with new twists and turns which, makes for good entertainment.”

Paradise Hotel premiered on Fox in 2003, and was hosted by Amanda Byram. A second season shifted over to the Fox Reality Channel in 2008.

Be sure to tune into the final episodes of Paradise Hotel, airing on Fox.

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