‘Paradise Hotel’ Couples So Far – 5/13/2019

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With a quarter of a million dollars at stake, the 11 contestants on Paradise Hotel aren’t messing around when it comes to finding love. Each week on the show, the contestants pair off into couples and share a hotel room together in a luxurious hotel resort. Whoever is left over must leave the hotel, and is replaced by a new contestant.

Last week, we met the eleven contestants. Who’s paired up with who so far? Get the details here.

At the first key ceremony, Rosanna chose Tyler. Kendall chose David, Deiondra chose Carlos, Tatum went with Hans, and Brittany went with Bobby Ray.

That’s when the drama really went down. Mariaelena spent the remainder of the episode vying for someone’s heart, which made some of the girls upset. From the get-go, Brittany was vibing with Hans, but he seemed to have his eye on Tatum, who he was matched with. And Bobby Ray hatched a plan with Brittany to stay together for at least two weeks to keep them both in the game.

When Mariaelena got her date card, she chose to take Bobby Ray on a date. Around that same time, Hans sat down with Brittany to tell her that he bonded with her from the start, and wants her to pick him at the next elimination ceremony.

Some of the boys mentioned they’re nervous about Hans. Tatum shared with David that Hans is not boyfriend material, and David agreed, saying he wouldn’t want his daughter dating Hans. The cameras then cut to Hans and Brittany getting cuddly together.

Mariaelena chose Carlos for her second date, and the two really bonded. He told the cameras that he felt he had a connection with her, but needed to play it safe because Deiondra was his roommate.

By the end of the episode, relationships had changed and crushes had switched around. Brittany chose Hans, Rosanna stayed with Tyler, Kendall stayed with David, Mariaelena chose Carlos, and Tatum matched with Bobby Ray. That left Deiondra going home.

And at the end of the episode, a new victim entered the house: Kyle, aka ‘Big Red’. That means he’ll have a shot at winning over one of the girls this week, and one of the men we’ve grown to know will go home.

Paradise Hotel premiered on Fox in 2003. A second season came out in 2008. This season is hosted by Kristin Cavallari.

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