Is ‘Shark Tank’ on TV Tonight?

ABC The panel for tonight's episode of 'Shark Tank.'

Shark Tank is not airing a new episode on TV tonight. The reality series wrapped up its latest season on NBC last week, and will not be back until the 2019-2020 season. There will not be new season 10 episodes, and a season four rerun will be aired in its place. Read on to learn more about Shark Tank and its future.

ABC has yet to announce a start date, but Monsters & Critics notes that the series usually returns between September and October each year. This means that we can probably expect  new episodes in the fall. The last season of Shark Tank, for example, kicked off with “A Decade of Dreams,” on October 7, 2018.

‘Shark Tank’ Does Not Air Tonight & Will Return In the Fall of 2019

ABC has confirmed that all of the sharks are returning; including Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary. There will be reruns of Shark Tank episodes on ABC.

During a recent interview, O’Leary talked about the longevity of Shark Tank, and how it’s changed over the years. “It took a little while before some of those people got the understanding, or understood the joke, because you can really promote your business on television,” he recalled. “It really does accelerate these companies in a way that traditional venture investors never saw. They never saw Shark Tank coming. Now, they beg to get their products on because you get customer acquisition by the tens of millions and you get it for basically free.”

‘Shark Tank’ Will Not Be Airing a Rerun Tonight on ABC

The other sharks on the panel discussed the difference between a ‘gold digger’ and a genuine entrepreneur, and what they value most in a business partner. “I have to like what they’re pitching, the idea, and the product. And I have to like them,” Greiner revealed. “There’s no money or no investment worth the trouble of working with a bad person. They have to be a good person, someone I want to work with, someone who is honest, ethical. If they’re not, it’s not worth it to me.”

“What annoys me is that those gold diggers take opportunities away from genuine entrepreneurs,” John added. “They’re selfish and they’re going to do the same way of business to their partners, or if they do get a deal from us, they back out almost immediately when the cameras are off. Everybody who watches Shark Tank knows you’re going to have to negotiate. Less than one percent of the time, you get what you ask for. If you come in asking for $250,000 for 3 percent, and they go, “Okay, I’ll go to 4 percent,” you know they’re ful of bullsh*t.”

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