‘The Voice’ 2019 Voting for Season 16 Semi-Finals

The Voice Voting 2019

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The Voice is down to the top 8 contestants of season 16 and the live shows are entering the semi-finals. There are several voting methods to use on The Voice 2019 and tonight, the contestants will perform for America’s approval. They will deliver individual performances, as well as competitive duets with a Beatles theme. Tomorrow night, the results will be in and some artists will be eliminated. Three of the artists will be revealed to be safe by America’s votes, the bottom two will be eliminated and an Instant Save will help save a contestant from going home. The middle three contestants will sing for just one spot in the finale. So, the votes from at-home viewers are very important tonight, tomorrow, and for the two-part finale. The five voting methods include:

1. App Voting
2. Online Voting
3. Xfinity X1 Voting
4. Apple Music Voting
5. Twitter Voting

Get to know more about each voting method in our rundown below.

“The Voice” Voting App & Online Voting

If you want to vote for The Voice contestants by using the official app, you can access the app and download via (App Store or Google Play) and at NBC.com/VoiceVote. Then, open the app and hit the VOTE button to sign up for a free NBC profile. You will need to provide either your email address, Facebook login or Google account info, according to NBC.

An NBC Profile is required for all users to be able to vote. When the Overnight Voting Window is open, click on the artist(s) of your choice to assign votes to the artist or artists you want to vote for. Submit your vote assignments by clicking on “Submit Votes” button. Then, you may assign, save and change your votes at any time before the end of the applicable Overnight Voting Window. Once the Overnight Voting Window closes, your vote assignments will be submitted and counted. You may vote via the App up to ten (10) times per contestant, per email address. Regardless of the sign in method used, during each Overnight Voting Window, the limit stands. Any App Voting attempts over ten (10) votes per artist, per e-mail address, will NOT be counted as valid votes.

When online voting, you can visit nbc.com/VoiceVote and sign up for your free NBC Profile in order to vote. The same rules apply here, as they do for the app, when it comes to usage and voting numbers.

“The Voice” Xfinity X1

Fans can vote by using the Xfinity X1 set-top box or xfinity.com/VoiceVote, and, just like the other voting methods this season, there is a 10-time voting limit during each Overnight voting window.

The info about how to vote via Xfinity X1 reads as follows: “To vote via the Xfinity X1 set-top box, you must have an Xfinity X1 set-top box, Xfinity X1 remote and an active Xfinity subscription that includes NBC (fees may apply). You can access the X1 voting screen on your television during the Overnight Voting Window(s) using three methods. First, if you are watching a Performance Episode (defined below) during your regional time zone’s broadcast feed of the Show (or for 1 hour after), use your X1 remote and press the info button when prompted on the screen (you will see a graphic in the top right corner of the screen that indicates that voting is open and that directs you to press the info button (the “Xfinity X1 Vote Graphic”)). If you do not see the Xfinity X1 Vote Graphic, use your X1 remote to search for The Voice and pull up the Show page. On the Show page, you will see a bar on the bottom of the screen with various options, such as options for series information and recording episodes. Use your X1 remote to select the “Vote” option. Your third method is to use the voice command, “Vote for The Voice,” via your X1 remote during the voting window. This voice command should activate the voting screen on your screen. Once you have arrived at the Xfinity X1 voting screen, use your Xfinity X1 remote to select an artist and confirm your vote.”

To vote at Xfinity.com/VoiceVote, visit xfinity.com/VoiceVote and enter your Facebook login information.

Apple Music Voting

If you want to vote for your favorite contestants by using Apple Music, fans can vote by streaming the Eligible Song(s) available on Apple Music. But, you must have a valid Apple Music subscription to do this. The limit is 10 streams per Apple ID per Eligible Song. Whichever artist gets the most streams will receive the “Apple Music Bonus,” which multiplies the artist’s Apple Music streams times five, for the applicable Eligible Song(s). This is a major advantage for the winning artist of the most streamed Eligible Song(s).

“The Voice” Twitter Voting

If you are voting for contestants on Twitter, then you are probably voting for duet performances or an Instant Save situation. To vote by using Twitter, you must establish or use a valid Twitter account, which you can register for on Twitter.com. You must set your privacy settings to public in order for your vote to be valid.

When it comes to any additional voting questions or inquiries about the voting rules, you can find all the info you need here.

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