Who Is the New Mountie on ‘When Calls the Heart’? Is He Replacing Jack on WCTH?

When Calls the Heart: New Mountie

Crown Media When Calls the Heart: New Mountie

There’s a new Mountie in town on When Calls the Heart. Is he replacing Jack, who was played by Daniel Lissing? This post has minor spoilers for the show. 

The new Mountie, Nathan Grant, is indeed essentially replacing Jack’s role on the show (but it’s not known if he will capture Elizabeth’s heart.) He’s played by Kevin McGarry.

Nathan is described by Deadline as a strong and silent type. Nathan is Jack Thornton’s replacement as a Mountie, but he’s also “shrouded in mystery,” McGarry told ET. Nathan will also be vying for Elizabeth’s affections. But McGarry said: “She’s not looking to jump into anything, so these are just two new guys that are in the town that it might potentially lead to something down the road… there might be some chemistry.”

But he’s not the only one vying for Elizabeth’s attention, so it’s unclear what direction WCTH will take.

Chris McNally has also joined the cast this season and he’s playing a character named Lucas Bouchard, who is described as a charming gambler and a saloon owner, Deadline reported. This charming man is hiding a secret, however.

McNally described Bouchard to ET as “very mysterious.” He said about Lucas: “Lucas is a good guy, he’s got good intentions, he loves the excitement of chance so he’s big into gambling and playing poker. But he holds his cards really close to his chest because he doesn’t want to give up too much information about himself just because he’s trying to protect himself from some troubles.”

Jack Thornton, meanwhile, is not returning to the show. Daniel Lissing has moved on to other projects and will not be back on When Calls the Heart. So it really is time for Elizabeth to move on and find a new love.

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