‘Black Mirror’ Smithereens Locations: Where Was Season 5 Episode 2 Filmed?

Black Mirror Smithereens

Netflix Black Mirror Smithereens

One of Black Mirror‘s new Season 5 episodes is called “Smithereens.” It airs as the second episode in Netflix’s new lineup. Read on for details about where it was filmed.

On December 19, before Netflix had officially announced any details about Season 5, the KCC Communications Office tweeted and then deleted a tweet about the episode Smithereens. (Their note about the full series releasing on December 28 was wrong, as only the Bandersnatch movie released in December 2018.)

Black Mirror Season 5 December 28


In their tweet, they noted that Smithereens was filmed in Harrietsham in Maidstone. Harrietsham is a village and civil parish in the Maidstone District of Kent, England.

The episode was also filmed on Church Road, and at a field in Gravesend, a town northwest of Kent, England, according to KCC Communications Office’s tweet.

According to Kent Online, the episode was filmed in June 2018.

Filming locations were also seen in Jeskyns, Henhurst Road, and Cobham.

This isn’t the first time Black Mirror filmed in this area. Metalhead, for example, was filmed on private property in Harrietsham. And most of Hang the DJ was filmed at Painshill in Cobham.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus’ episode “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too” was filmed in South Africa even before Bandersnatch was filmed.

And the episode Striking Vipers was filmed in Brazil, including a famous artist’s apartment that doubled for an old friend’s home.

Black Mirror certainly doesn’t cut corners when it comes to finding unique and compelling filming locations for each of its episodes. The locations themselves are part of the immersive experience that really pulls in the viewer and sells the idea of a similar-but-very-different world.

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