Are Tinsley Mortimer & Billy Bush Dating?

Getty Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley Mortimer has been romantically linked to radio host Billy Bush. The celebrity friends were spotted together at the Brooklyn Bowl earlier this month, and fans of the Real Housewives star believe that she’s moved on with Bush after splitting from boyfriend Scott Kluth. So are Mortimer and Bush really dating?

Mortimer recently addressed her relationship with Bush. In an interview with People, she referred to him as “super fun” and a source of comfort at this time in her life. “Billy and I have been friends for a long time,” she revealed. “He’s a good friend and is super fun. We all did go bowling together, it was a fun night.” With that said, she confirmed that the two are not exclusively dating and are merely close friends.

Mortimer Said That She & Billy Bush Are Not ‘Exclusively Dating’

“My life is my life,” Mortimer added. “The show is an important part of my life. I understand that there are people that don’t always want to be exposed to that and I can’t assume that they would. It’s a give and a take. I am fully dating again. I’m dating a lot of different people. I’m having fun doing it. I feel free and like myself again.”

In a separate discussion with Us Weekly, the reality star talked about her newly single status and how she’s eager to date again. “Billy and I have been good friends for a long time. And you know, I’m dating. I’m dating around,” she said. “I’m really fully dating again, like fully dating, which is great. I usually would go from one to the next to the next and this time I’m actually really dating and all and guys that all have children. It’s a new thing for me.”

Mortimer Has Been Single Since Breaking Up with Boyfriend Scott Kluth In May

Mortimer also admitted that she doesn’t want to use dating apps or online platforms to find a new partner. “I have not done a dating app or things like that. I just feel like you’re going on an interview,” she explained. “I’ve always said for me, I, the way I used to date was it was boarding school. You know, you have a couple drinks, you smooch a boy, he becomes your boyfriend. I’m just sort of not used to going on a date where you don’t know somebody and they’re saying, ‘What do you do?’ and ‘What are you?’”

“I want to just meet you out or your friends of friends. We have conversations, we chat,” she continued. “It’s no pressure. And then if we have a smooch, we have a smooch. God knows what’s going to happen.” Mortimer divorced her ex-husband Topper Mortimer in 2010, and was involved in an on/off relationship with Kluth that ended in May.

Bush is also single after his wife Sydney Davis filed for divorce in July 2018. The divorce was set in motion a year after he was fired from the Today Show; when a videotape was leaked that showed Donald Trump bragging to Bush about groping women.

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