Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Kids & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Braunwyn Windham-Burke family


The Real Housewives of Orange County returns Tuesday, August 6, and with the new season comes a new castmember, Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

According to Braunwyn’s cast bio, she is a friend of Kelly’s from the Balboa Bay Club, which is what ultimately earned her an invite into the cast. Before the season even began, Braunwyn grabbed the attention of RHOC fans because she and her husband, Sean Burke, have 7 kids.

Here’s what you need to know about Braunwyn’s kids and family:

1. Her Kids Range in Age All the Way From Baby to 19-Year-Old

If having 7 kids isn’t enough to keep her hands full, Braunwyn is experiencing every “stage” of motherhood at the same time, parenting young adult teenagers, kids, and toddlers all at once. According to her bio, her seven children are “baby Hazel, toddler Koa, twins Caden and Curran, and teenagers Jacob, Rowan and Bella.”

She told The OC Register that once she decided that joining the RHOC cast was a good move for her family, the added people in her home for filming blended in to the rest of their craziness: “I’m so used to having so many people in my home. My kids are always having sleepovers, so honestly, I joke about the fact that I didn’t notice (the crew), but I really, truly didn’t notice them.”

That’s not to say filming the show hasn’t taken away from her time with her kids, and she says that her husband Sean has been a great support so that she can do RHOC without it negatively impacting her family. She said he even took all 7 kids on their annual family ski trip by himself while Braunwyn was busy shooting.

2. Her Husband Sean is the CEO of ChannelStars

While Braunwyn is a stay-at-home mom, her husband Sean is the head of a successful business, based in Newport Beach, California. The company, ChannelStars, is described on its website as “based on the principal that success is built through good relationships and association. We assist companies in strategic planning, marketing, virtual and physical blended environments, content and video development.”

ChannelStars website says that Sean Burke is the company’s founder and president; his bio goes on to say “Entrepreneur, investor, experienced business professional, Sean leads a talented team in helping our partners and customers succeed in the modern business world while leveraging the latest technology innovations.” According to Sean’s LinkedIn profile, he has been president of the company for almost 10 years.

3. Braunwyn Has a Blog Where She Writes About Her Parenting Experiences

According to her official cast bio, “With the help of two nannies, she is a full-time mom and currently hopes to turn her mommy blog into a book.” Her blog site is called Barefoot in Heels, and it includes posts in the categories “Family,” “Pregnancy,” “Travel,” “Outfit of the Day,” and “Kid’s Corner.”

Her most recent blog post was published on July 4, 2019 and is entitled “Let the Games Begin!” The post shared the news that she was joining the Housewives cast and opened up about the significance of this new chapter in her life. She wrote “Right before this opportunity presented itself I was in my bed crying, I’d been a stay at home mom for almost 20 years and I just needed something of my own, the prospect of more My Gym and Gymboree classes had me feeling sick, as much as I loved that stuff 15 years ago, I couldn’t sit in a circle with a bunch of women talking about organic food and pre school choices anymore, I needed something new, and then it happened, the text that changed everything.”

4. Growing Up, an Original ‘Real Housewives’ Cast Member Was a Friend of Her Family

The Real Housewives reality franchise has long been on Braunwyn’s radar – she told The OCR “Jeana Keough, in the original cast, was a really good friend of my grandparents. So when I initially tuned in it was to watch her and her family, because I’d kind of grown up around them. And then I kind of got hooked.”

Her interest in the show continued and she says watching Bravo shows were her “guilty pleasure” as a then-mom of three, adding “At the end of the day when I put my kids into bed I kind of crawl into bed, grab my ice cream. This has always been my ‘me time.’”

5. She & Her Family Lived in Several Different Cities Before Moving Back to Orange County

According to The OC Register, Braunwyn grew up in Laguna Beach and met her husband while attending college in Santa Barbara, so Southern California has long been familiar to her. Nevertheless, she and he husband raised their family in cities including Washington D.C. and Miami, Florida before returning to California and laying down roots in Newport Beach about three years ago.

Braunwyn told The OC Register that part of her family’s reason for moving back to Orange County was for her three oldest kids to attend Orange County School of the Arts.