Does Chris Bukowski Pick Jen Saviano or Katie Morton on Bachelor in Paradise?

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton


Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton have been deepening their connection during the first several episodes of Bachelor in Paradise season 6, but the couple hit a bump in the road of their developing relationship when Jen Saviano stepped onto the beach to join the cast in paradise.

The official synopsis for episode 7 of Bachelor in Paradise teases “Caitlin and Kristina have a stressful cocktail party; Katie changes her mind about Chris; Caelynn wants a rose from Dean.” If that’s not enough to get Chris and Katie fans concerned, the promo video for week 4 of the reality dating show includes a clip of Chris and Katie sitting side-by-side, overlayed by the word “BREAKUPS.” The immediate next shot is of Katie, crying in an on-camera candid interview chair.

This drama between the couple is likely the result of Chris’s date with Jen, which aired last week after she joined the BIP cast and asked Bukowski out with her date card. Though Chris was hesitant about leaving Katie, he ultimately agreed to go on the sailing date with Jen; the two kissed during the date, showing the first real sign of trouble for Chris and Katie’s future all season.

So, do Chris and Katie together? Or does Chris ultimately leave Katie to explore a potential relationship with Jen? SPOILERS BELOW: STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHO CHRIS BUKOWSKI ENDS UP WITH.

According to Reality Steve, Jen Saviano’s time on Bachelor in Paradise is short-lived, and she goes home after not being given a rose during the season’s third rose ceremony. Chris chooses to give his rose to Katie.

With Jen quickly out of the picture, it is unclear why Katie would be “chang[ing] her mind about Chris,” or why the Bachelor in Paradise is trying so hard to convince Bachelor Nation that that couple are in trouble. Once Chris chooses to give his rose to Katie, it seems as though their drama in terms of outside parties is no longer a factor in their relationship; it is likely that the extent of Katie’s questions about Chris will be resolved in a heartfelt conversation along the beach.

If Reality Steve’s rose ceremony-by-rose ceremony spoilers are to be trusted, then Chris and Katie continue to give one another their roses for the rest of the season, and ultimately are one of three couples to get engaged during the season 6 finale.

This will come as a relief to fans of the couple, who took to Twitter last week to express their disapproval at a possible Chris and Jen pairing. Diggy Moreland tweeted “Chris, you can’t date Jen. Your body is literally rejecting her.” Evan Bass, a Bachelor in Paradise alum who went on to marry and start a family with his on-show girlfriend Carly, tweeted “DELETED SCENE: Katie went to the neighborhood shaman and called down demonic waves from the heavens to ruin the Jen/Chris date.”

Tune in to new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise season 6, Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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