Nat from the Peach Pit on ‘90210’ Today

Getty Joe E. Tata

90210 is back. The beloved soap opera makes its long-awaited return tonight on FOX. Many original characters are returning, but one who fans may be curious about is Nat Bussichio, the owner of the Peach Pit. Is Nat coming back? Will the Peach Pit play a part in the reboot? Read on for details on the character and the actor who plays him, Joe E. Tata.

According to Newsday, Nat will not be returning for the new season. The character has been written out, though its not clear whether Tata turned down a chance to return or was even offered a return in the first place. Nat was a recurring character during the first five seasons of the series, and a main cast member for seasons six through ten. He was a former Hollywood character actor who presided over the Peach Pit and the cast of teenagers who frequented it.

Nat Will Not Return for the New Season of ‘90210’

Nat underwent several dramatic arcs during the show’s run. He suffered a heart attack during season four, which led to the possibility of the Peach Pit closing. Brandon (Jason Priestly), his employee, sacrificed much of his time to oversee the diner’s functioning while the owner recuperated. The Peach Pit was saved when Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) bought out Nat’s cousin’s share. In the seasons that followed, Nat opened Peach Pit After Dark, which was an after hours night club owned by Nat and Dylan.

In season six, Nat rekindled his romance with his former girlfriend, Joan Diamond, whom he hadn’t seen in over twenty years. Joan became pregnant, and she and Nat got engaged. She went into labor in the middle of the wedding ceremony and, they exchanged their vows just before she went into the delivery room. They have a son together named Frankie.

Nat Previously Appeared on the Show’s 2008 Spinoff

Tata reprised his role as Nat on the 2008 spinoff, simply titled 90210. He appeared in the first three episodes, where it was revealed he was still the owner of the Peach Pit. During an interview with Associated Press, Tata talked about the joy of bringing Nat back, and how it felt like lightning striking twice. “The coin’s in the air for me,” the actor said at the time. “I guess it comes under the heading of magic test: Let’s see if the audience still remembers me.”

Tata, 82, has been relatively quiet since his brief stint on the spinoff. His only acting credit in the past decade has been as Principle Frost in a single episode of the TV series Mystery Girls. Some of his previous credits include Goon on the 1960s Batman series, and standalone parts on shows like The Rockford Files, Hill Street Blues and Magnum, P.I.

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