Salmon Cannon: Best Memes & Reactions

Salmon Cannon

Getty Salmon

The salmon cannon has become a topic of conversation on Twitter as users marvel at the technology used to transport fish over a dam, according to thousands of tweets.

Entrepreneur Dr. Kash Sirinanda shared Whooshh Innovations’ salmon cannon, which is a system used to help native fish pass over dams in seconds rather than days, according to the video. His tweet garnered over 140,000 likes, more than 40,000 retweets, and hundreds of comments.

The video shows a man wearing a yellow raincoat and white gloves shoving salmon into the translucent tube. A shadow of the creature can be seen sliding quickly through the suspended tube, a reported 22 miles per hour. The fish arrive on the other side of the dam, dropping into the spawning grounds above, in seconds.

Twitter users are going crazy over the salmon cannon, replacing recent trending terms like “I purple you” and “30-50 feral hogs.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Twitter is Losing Its Collective Mind Over the Salmon Cannon

John Monroe used a popular GIF of Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris to make his joke. “me saying goodbye to my dead goldfish before putting it in the salmon cannon,” he wrote.

“girls trip to ibiza via the salmon cannon,” Ava Fen wrote.

Frej said that only broke people call it a fish tube. Woke people apparently call it the salmon cannon.

Roxi Horror used a popular tweet format to convey that she is a fish interested in being launched through the fish tube.

“”yeah sex is great but have you ever been fed through the salmon cannon at rapid speed,” John Pais wrote.

The only positive thing I’ve seen us do for our planet recently is the salmon cannon,” Sophie Dophy said. “Props to those guys.”

“The salmon cannon will pitch the 9th,” Lars said.

Hootie said, “send me down the salmon cannon i don’t fucking care anymore.”

Lauren Simonitis used a popular viral video to make her joke.

Steph gave Twitter a great crossover, using the 30-50 feral hogs meme to make a salmon cannon joke.

Another user said, “reconnecting with my long lost lover after he finally gets shot through the salmon cannon.”

David Hormell wrote, “pack my body in the salmon cannon and shoot me into the sun. i want to be among the stars.”

A user named Peanut said they wish they could be rich enough to travel everywhere via salmon cannon.

Another user shared a thought: “a salmon cannon but we put men in it.”

“If there is one thing I have learned from twitter this weekend it’s that when I die I want my body forced into the salmon cannon and violently launched upstream thank you twitter,” bestselling author Aaron Gillies said.

Quin Cunning said seeing the salmon cannon video reminded him of an eerily similar scene from Futurama.

Another user said if he gets 100 retweets he’ll get “salmon cannon” tattooed on his body. He did indeed reach 100 retweets. “Okay,” he tweeted after reaching the goal.

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