Christie Brinkley’s Injury: Broken Arm Forces Her to Quit DWTS

Christie Brinkley Injury

Getty (L-R) Christie Brinkley and Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook

Model Christie Brinkley was cast as a celebrity contestant on Dancing With the Stars 2019, but, just days before the season 28 premiere, she fell and suffered a broken arm injury. Because she was so injured, Brinkley had to quit the show and her daughter Sailor replaced her.

Because of her injuries, Brinkley had to get surgery to her wrist and arm, according to People. And in a statement on Good Morning America, Brinkley said, “Showbiz is all about getting a break, and Sailor and I both got one on Dancing with the Stars this season. Sailor joined the cast when I got mine … ouch somebody stop me, it hurts to laugh!”

Christie Brinkley Breaks Arm in 'DWTS' RehearsalAfter Christie Brinkley revealed that her daughter Sailor will replace her in the "Dancing With The Stars" premiere after breaking her arm, Carlos Bustamante and Graeme O'Neil react during "ET Canada Live". SUBSCRIBE to our channel: FOLLOW us here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #ChristieBrinkley #DWTS #DancingWithTheStars2019-09-16T18:41:46.000Z

Wendy Williams Accused Christie Brinkley of Faking Her Injury

On the season 11 premiere of The Wendy Williams Show, host Wendy Williams accused Brinkley of faking her injury. According to People, Williams said, “Well, that looked fake as hell. Let me tell you what I see. I don’t see a wrist and a shoulder being fractured. But that was real cute … Here’s my thought: Dancing with the Stars called Christie Brinkley … and she said yes. After she got off the phone, that’s when she plotted her schedule … In my opinion, I think what Christie did was she signed up for Dancing with the Stars knowing that she’d put her daughter Sailor in there.”

Upon hearing Williams’ claims, Brinkley tearfully said to People, “I’m totally shocked because I have been there for Wendy Williams. That is so weird. I have to give her a call … I’m really stunned.”

Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook Replaced Her Mom Last Minute

On Good Morning America, Cook said that she was flying out to support her mom at the Dancing With the Stars premiere and spend some time with her a few days before her ballroom debut. Her mother then asked her to “save the day”.

Upon Cook stepping in, ABC released the following statement about the incident, “While rehearsing for the premiere of Dancing With the Stars, Christie Brinkley suffered injuries which required surgery to her wrist and arm. She is unable to continue her planned participation on the show. Keeping it all in the family, her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook, a Sports Illustrated model, has chosen to quickly step in with hours to learn the entire routine and will compete in her mother’s place for the remainder of the season.”

Ahead of Cook’s debut, her mom took to Instagram to explain her injuries and her daughter’s taking over her spot. Brinkley wrote, “So here’s the news. I just broke my arm into a 1000 pieces requiring surgery with a metal plate and screws to hold my arm together … I’m so sorry if I’ve disappointed anybody! … Shattering my arm was quite literally a crushing disappointment, I never ever want to let anyone down … so I looked for a silver lining and I think I found one that is solid gold! Sailor!”

Brinkley went on to say that her other daughter had prior commitments and Cook was already headed her way. Brinkley did say she had to convince Cook to replace her, as she suffers from stage fright.

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