Who Is Revian Chang on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Revian Chang


Tonight, a new lady will step down onto the beach on Bachelor In Paradise, and that woman is none other than Revian Chang.

Few fans may remember Chang because she was sent home on night one of Colton Underwood’s season. But now, she’s returned for another shot at love.

According to her Bachelor bio, Revian, 24, is a nurse and works in Santa Monica, CA. Her bio reads, “When she’s not helping people feel beautiful, she loves to attend music festivals. She’s also fluent in Mandarin.” Some loyal fans may remember that she introduced herself to Colton on night one in Mandarin Chinese.

In her intro video for the show, Revian explains that her parents met and got married the same week.

A fun fact about Revian is that she once flew across the country to meet a man on the Internet. She describes travel and food as her two main passions.

So what does Paradise have in store for Revian? According to Reality Steve, she goes on a date with Connor Saeli, but the two don’t connect. Connor ends up going home, and Revian follows him not long after.

With almost 100k followers on Instagram, however, it seems Revian is doing well and enjoying life. She often posts pics at the beach or at premieres and is clearly making the most of her time in Los Angeles.

Who Gets Engaged This Season?

While the season doesn’t end too well for Revian, others leave paradise over the moon. In fact, three couples get engaged this season on the show. Who are they? Kristian and Demi, Hannah and Dylan, and Chris and Katie all end the season with an engagement. But only time will tell if and when the couples will walk down the aisle.

Some couples have certainly made it work after Paradise. Jade and Tanner, Carly and Evan, and Ashley and Jared have all led successful relationships. In fact, the two former couples have kids together! And Ashley and Jared began dating in May 2018, and became engaged on June 17. And how could we forget Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone, who became engaged on BIP and moved in together in October 2018. The couple married in a wedding ceremony officiated by Chris Harrison and seem to be doing well these days.

Be sure to tune into tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise airing on ABC at 8pm ET/PT to watch how things unravel.

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