Washoe Club In Virginia City, Nevada on Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures Halloween Special 2018


The Ghost Adventures team are traveling to Virginia City, Nevada to investigate the famous Washoe Club. Described as “one of the most haunted places in the West,” the Washoe Club has a storied past that involves various hauntings and paranormal sightings. Read on to learn more about the location.

According to Travel Nevada, the Washoe Club is one of the state’s oldest saloons. It opened just four months before the Great Fire of 1875, which destroyed most of town. It was rebuilt and opened a second time in 1876, when it was expanded to be a meeting grounds for the Virginia City elite. By the middle of the decade, the Washoe Club was one of the most popular saloons in the area, bringing in miners, prostitutes, gunslingers,  performers and notable businessmen.

Washoe Club Was Founded In 1875 & Closed Its Doors In 1897

Due to such elite clientele, the saloon formed a group known as the Millionaires Club, which were allowed access to exclusive quarters and amenities. These amenities included a billiard room, a parlor filled with bronze statuettes, a wine room, and even a reading room that was made in the shape of a grand piano. The membership roster of the Millionaires Club included figures like John Mackay, as well as Ulysses S. Grant, Edwin Booth, and Darius Ogden Mills. Once memberships into the club waned, business slowed down, and the club closed its doors in 1897.

Nowadays, the Washoe Club is home to various spirits and supernatural occurrences. Visitors can go on hourly ghost tours, or, if they feel particularly emboldened, they can spend the night in one of the rooms for an Overnight Investigation. In the case of the latter, groups will be locked down for the evening with access to all three floors of the Washoe Club. They will also have access to notoriously haunted areas such as the Crypt and the Spiral Staircase, which is the longest freestanding spiral staircase ever built. The staircase is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a woman named Lena.

Washoe Club Is Said to Be Haunted By a Female Prostitute Who Committed Suicide

The Washoe Club and its conjoining museum are open every day from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. It has been featured on several paranormal shows, including Ghost Hunters and an earlier episode of Ghost Adventures. During the latter, stars Zak Baggins and the rest of the team claim to have made contact with a spirit, and the experience brings some of them to tears. According to an employee, the spirit they made contact with was that of a female prostitute who slit her wrists in room 11.

Nick Groff, a longtime cast member, said that he was shocked by what they found at the Washoe Club. “It caught us totally off guard. We were not really prepared for some of the stuff we captured,” he told Love to Know. “The Goldfield Hotel and the Old Washoe Club were amazing. Capturing evidence, going home and reviewing it was surprising. Seeing a full body apparition at the Washoe club blew our minds, but it was what provided the energy for what we do now. We keep striving to find that kind of stuff.”

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