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American Horror Story season 9 episode 3, titled “Slashdance,” airs tonight at 10/9c on FX. The episode synopsis reads, “Imitation is the best form of tragedy. Coming clean can be pretty messy,” and the promos promise plenty of good slasher suspense, surprises and gore for fans tonight. (WARNING! MAJOR American Horror Story SPOILERS ahead, so turn back now if you’re not caught up!)

Tonight’s episode will likely see Mr. Jingles come after Margaret, the only remaining survivor of his first bloody rampage at Camp Redwood. There will definitely be some bloodshed, as Mr. Jingles can be seen slashing his machete down on a screaming woman while Xavier and the other campers find someone dying in a spiked trap somewhere deep in the woods. As Mr. Jingles continues to terrorize the camp, Xavier and the others wonder if their karma might be responsible for what they are going through. Check out the clip below:

This article will explore tonight’s episode of American Horror Story in detail as we do a live recap while it airs. If you aren’t completely caught up and don’t want anything spoiled for you, this is your OFFICIAL SPOILER WARNING! Turn back now or proceed at your own risk. Otherwise continue reading for details regarding tonight’s episode with updates throughout the episode, as well as a LIVE DEATH RECAP. Don’t forget to refresh the page every few minutes to keep up with the live spoilers.

We will update this story as soon as the episode airs, so stayed tuned and thanks for reading! The episode premieres at 10 p.m. ET on FX. In the meantime, catch up on spoilers for tonight’s episode here, and check back soon for live updates on “Slashdance.” Be sure to check out this author’s page for more weekly AHS coverage, including fan theories, episode information and how to watch the episode online without cable.

Keep in mind that this article will be written in real time, so please excuse the casual tone and any minor mistakes that might be made initially. I will go back through and edit the article as soon as the episode ends. Enjoy the episode and thanks for reading!

The episode kicks off with the Night Stalker trying to break into the cabin. Just as the nurse is going to check on why the pounding stopped, he breaks through the window, causing them all to panic and start pushing things against the windows. After the Night Stalker breaks in, he attacks Ray with a knife while Brooke, nurse Rita and Chet take off running. (It doesn’t look like Ray was killed, but the Night Stalker slashed him up pretty badly).

The scene cuts over to Montana and Trevor hiding in another cabin with Xavier. While Brooke and Rita and the guys were hiding from the Night Stalker, these three are hiding from what they think is Mr. Jingles. When they finally go outside to investigate, two guys dressed like Mr. Jingles (it’s apparently the anniversary of his bloody massacre) jump out to try to scare Montana and Trevor, but they quickly regret it as the real Mr. Jingles shows up and kills both of the lookalikes on the spot. Montana, Xavier and Trevor take off running.

Ray, Chet, Brooke and the nurse take off running through the woods, and Mr. Jingles finds another copycat of himself peeing on a tree. He clearly doesn’t realize that he is talking to the real Mr. Jingles (because he can’t see without his glasses), who surprisingly lets the little asthmatic go.

Meanwhile, Chet and Ray fell into a huge trap with giant spikes, and Chet gets impaled by one of them, but is still alive. Brooke and Rita are waiting by the car when Brooke suggests they go for help. Nurse Rita tries to guilt her by saying her that her friends wouldn’t bail on her, but gives her the keys anyway and tells her to go ahead and get help. Oh snap, Rita just came up behind Brooke and put a needle in her neck! What’s going on?!

Brooke isn’t dead but she is definitely confused and disoriented. The scene cuts over to a flashback of a week earlier, where nurse Rita is chatting with Dr. Hopple about Mr. Jingles, whose real name is Benjamin Richter. She apparently travels around the country to talk to serial killers and gets them to open up about their lives and is hoping to talk to Mr. Jingles as well, to help her get information for her PH.D. in Psychology (or so she tells Dr. Hopple). Dr. Hopple tells her that Mr. Jingles is just inherently evil and doesn’t have a reason for what he does, and Rita says she wants to try to talk to him anyway.

Rita is led into Mr. Jingles’ room where she sits down across from him. She tells Benjamin that Dr. Hopple thinks he is evil (which is probably why he killed her last week), and she asks him if he believes her, and if he thinks of himself as evil. She tells him she doesn’t believe he is, and that his need to hurt people was “activated by outside circumstances.” She asks him if he ever hurt anybody before he fought in the war and before “the rise of pornography,” and he answered that high fructose corn syrup might have something to do with it.

He says he was locked up for 14 years, and when he told them he couldn’t remember killing anyone, he was told he had a psychotic break and that he was an “evil, irredeemable, human being.” She tells him she wants to get him out of the facility so she can “study him in his natural habitat,” and she reveals that they are reopening the camp. He says he wants to stab Margaret just by looking at her picture, and Rita tells him that “sometimes sacrifices need to be made in the name of science.” He tells her that he feels like this is his first real conversation in 14 years, and that she “really sees” him.

Rita basically tells him she wants to study him so she can learn the signs of violence and stop it before it happens. She wants to “crack the code” on why killers do what they do, and she says she doesn’t believe he is evil and doesn’t think he is beyond help. She starts to plot to get him out of the facility by telling him to kill the guard, hit a switch and find a bag filled with his belongings (basically his Mr. Jingles outfit and kill tools). She then tells him to meet her at the camp where she will have a new job and a new name.

Another flashback shows Rita following a young woman (the real Rita) to Camp Redwood just a week earlier. Rita sneaks into the real nurse’s car, attacks her and takes her identity. Flash forward to Rita telling Brooke that she gave her horse tranquilizer, and that she’s not a nurse, so she isn’t sure what exactly she shot Brooke up with.

The scene then cuts over to Chet and Ray again, who are still in the spike pit. Ray thinks Chet passed out from the pain, so he starts to reveal some incredibly personal stuff to his unconscious friend. Another flashback to a year earlier shows a big frat party with Ray hazing a few new recruits. Ray tells an Asian recruit that he was allowed to take a break from the hazing, but when the fledgling tries to pull his pants up, he falls backwards down the stairs and appears to be dead. Ray decides to take care of the body so they wouldn’t get in trouble, but just as Ray is pushing the car over a cliff, the boy wakes up and starts to panic, scratching Ray’s arms and tearing his watch off his arm. Ray accidentally killed the Asian recruit.

Back in real time, Ray reveals that he came to the camp because the car was finally found and he was worried he was going to be caught if they found his watch. He thought Chet couldn’t hear him, but Chet apparently heard everything and tells him how messed up it was, so Ray climbs out of the pit and takes off running, leaving his friend dying in the pit.

The next scene shows Montana, Xavier and Trevor discussing whether or not they should rescue Margaret and Rita, when suddenly Mr. Jingles appears out of nowhere. They hide underneath a porch, where they find the real nurse Rita. They untie her but she freaks out and crawls away, right into Mr. Jingles bloody arms, where he brutally murders her in front of the other three by jamming a giant piece of wood through the back of her throat. (The real R.N. Rita is dead). This is when the group realizes that the dead woman is the real Rita, and the nurse they’ve been hanging out with is an impostor.

Ray keeps running through the woods and comes across Montana, Xavier and Trevor, where he lies and tells them he lost Chet and had to cover himself in leaves and mud to hide. They realize that Brooke is in danger (since she is with the stranger who claimed to be Rita), and they decide to have Ray and Montana take Trevor’s bike to get help.

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Mr. Jingles is walking through the woods and hears somebody shouting for help, which happens to be Chet, who is still impaled on a spike. Xavier finds Chet in the pit and asks him what he’s doing, and he comically responds “I’m dying, what does it look like I’m doing?” Xavier lowers himself into the pit to try to help Chet while Trevor watches from above.

Chet tells Xavier that Ray left him, and Xavier works on a way to get him off the spike. Trevor hears somebody coming through the woods, while Xavier decides to try to pull Chet off the spike. He screams while they pull him out of the pit, and they hear jingling nearby. “Mr. Jingles” walks by and Trevor decides to jump out and shove him into the spike-filled pit, but it turns out to be the asthmatic copycat Mr. Jingles who the real Mr. Jingles let go earlier. So, Trevor accidentally killed another copycat killer.

Cut back over to Ray and Montana, who run into the Night Stalker. Ray’s cowardly ass takes Trevor’s bike and leaves Montana behind while the Night Stalker converges on her. Ray is flying through the night on the bike when Mr. Jingles comes out of nowhere and cuts his head clean off his shoulders, while he’s still riding the bike. Ray is definitely dead.

Just as the Night Stalker closes in on Montana, she grabs him and starts kissing him passionately, before shoving him away and asking him why he hasn’t killed Brooke yet. Gasp! Montana is a bad guy? What another twist! Which is how the episode ends, so fans will just have to wait and see how it all plays out by tuning in next week at the same time to catch episode 4, titled “True Killers.” I will be doing another live death recap, so stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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