Ashley Goldson & Rick Fleur: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rick and Ashley

Youtube Rick and Ashley on 'Temptation Island' Season 2.

Temptation Island is back, and four new couples are ready to learn whether or not they’re meant to be together.

This season, Ashley and Rick are one of our long-standing couples. But do they have what it takes to stay together? Or will the temptation of 12 singles pull them apart?

Here’s what you need to know about Ashley and Rick.

*Note: This post will be updated with more information as the season progresses.

1. They’ve Been Together for 4.5 Years

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Ashley and Rick have been on and off for 4.5 years.

It was Ashley’s idea to go to Temptation Island. She told Rick that it would be good for their relationship. She admits that it took him a while to come around.

What are Rick’s boundaries this season? He tells In Style, “I don’t have any rules or boundaries set for her. We came here to take on whatever the island has to offer, and one of those things is being single. This was her idea; she knew full well that there might be potential for that. I want to see how she operates in a setting when I’m not there, and there are guys around. I know her type — she likes abs and smiles! — so I wanna see how she acts when she sees a charmer or slick talker with a nice smile and a nice body. I just want her to act how she would act if I wasn’t around. And we gonna see what’s up! You might hook up with somebody the first day, but then it could fizzle out. I would be more nervous if it’s an emotional type of thing. She made a whole list of things that she wouldn’t allow, though. She narrowed it down to two: massages and kisses.”

Ashley’s rules are that nothing can get physical. “If he’s doing wild things that make me uncomfortable, then yes, I’m gonna do something wild and show him exactly what that feels like for me.”

2. Rick Has Cheated In the Past

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Ashley is ready for her ring. She tells the cameras that she’s ready for Rick to propose and get settled, but after growing up in a very strict household, Rick says he wants to enjoy life and “have fun, too.”

Ashley tells In Style, “I’ve seen some things that made it very difficult for me to trust him. I’ve insinuated things from text messages — that’s what broke us up. I became very insecure about our relationship and it went downhill from there. We’ve been back together for a solid eight months now, but I’m asking him where he’s at all the time and not really trusting what he’s doing. I nitpick.”

Rick adds, “We’re both career-driven individuals, and it came to a point where we were getting distracted by the wrong things, and it was taking us off our game. We were at odds and just arguing over minuscule stuff, so we went our separate ways for a while. Now we’re at crossroads, and we’re both getting older. It’s time for us to figure out what’s next.”

3. They’ve Set a ‘No Kissing’ Rule

Ashley tells In Style that the rules they’ve set for each other are that they are not allowed to kiss anyone.

Speaking to cameras during the first episode, Ashley adds, “I don’t feel ready for this. I don’t think anyone can feel ready for this.”

4. Fans Speculate That Ashley and Rick Are ‘on the Rocks’

Based on social media responses to the show after episode one aired, it seems fans are most worried about Rick and Ashley’s relationship. In the words of MEAWW, “Though fans are pretty much rooting for all couples, based on the turn out of episode 1, most speculate that Rick is all ready to leave Ashley G and has already begun the groundwork for it.”

On the premiere episode, Rick can be seen flirting with three different women. Ashley, meanwhile, was hit on hard by KB, who clearly has his eyes on her.

5. Ashley’s Biggest Fear Is Rick Falling in Love with Someone Else

In a recent interview with Floor 8, Ashley is asked about her biggest fear entering the Temptation Island house. She says, “My biggest fear was always watching Rick fall in love with someone else because at this age the goal is to get to marriage. I didn’t want to see him marry anyone else, not after all we’ve been through. So upon entering Temptation Island, my biggest fear is him walking away madly in love with one of the singles.”

Asked about her first impression of some of the other ladies on the boat (Ashley, Kate, and Esonica), Ashely says, “I tried to relate to the other girls right away but it was a little harder. In the beginning I found they had their guards up! They didn’t know me and weren’t as willing to open up. Except for Ashley H. because her and I instantly hit it off. You’ll see, we were silly and spent a lot of time laughing and being foolish. Kate came around and I loved her grace and poise—she became my voice of reason. Esonica you’ll find is extremely talented and the singer in the house. She was tough and the youngest of seven—just like me. We all have a lot in common, I love them!”

Be sure to tune into Temptation Island Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT on USA Network to see which couples will make it through the season, and which will split up.

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