Boost Oxygen on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Supplemental Oxygen

Boost Oxygen

ABC Boost Oxygen was founded in 2007.

Whether it’s for health, recovery, or athletic performance, Boost Oxygen has your back.

But what exactly is Boost Oxygen? What do we know about the product, and who uses it?

Read on to learn about the product, which will be appearing on Shark Tank tonight.

Boost Oxygen Improves Natural Energy & Aerobic Performance

Boost Oxygen is used by athletes, hockey and baseball teams, powerlifters, MMA fighters, triathletes, hikers, skiers, tourists at high altitude, college students, senior citizens, musicians, celebrities, amateur athletes, weekend warriors, and pilots, among others. What’s its use? In the words of Endurance Sportswire, “Pure Supplemental Oxygen has been clinically studied for supporting natural energy, aerobic performance and recovery, hangover, and cognitive function attributes, just to name just a few.”

Inhaling oxygen is a practice that has been used for hundreds of years to treat respiratory and circulatory problems. A recent university study found that inhaling concentrated oxygen had a positive effect on performance during repeated anaerobic exercise.

As the company website points out, however, oxygen therapies prescribed by a doctor to treat medical conditions are “completely different” than Boost Oxygen. Boost Oxygen is not USP medical oxygen.

The company offers Boost Oxygen in three sizes, with aromatherapy options (peppermint, non-scented, menthol, eucalyptus, and pink grapefruit.) The large size is 10 Liters, the medium size is 5 liters, and the pocket size is 2 liters– over 30 one-second inhalations.

Boost Oxygen was founded in 2007, and is only used for nonmedical purposes. All Shark Tank products writes, “It is safe for all ages, non-toxic, non-narcotic and the best-selling and most-trusted oxygen canister brand in the world, with distribution across the US and in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Korea and China.”

Rob Neuner and Michael Grice

CEO co-founder Rob Neuner and COO Michael Grice will be the pair entering the Shark Tank this evening to sell their product.

Speaking to Endurance Sportswire recently, Neuner said, “Being selected to pitch to the famous Shark Tank I think is every entrepreneur’s dream. When we first launched 12 years ago, our mission was the same as it is today – to provide convenient access to Supplemental Oxygen to everyone for any non-medical purpose. Having the opportunity to pitch and defend our business to the famous Sharks is an absolute thrill and gives us the opportunity to educate.”

He continued, “Our motto, ‘Help is Here’ encapsulates our vision: Supplemental Oxygen simply helps in a wide range of situations and Boost Oxygen makes it conveniently available where and when people want it. Oxygen is obviously all-Natural, safe for all ages, non-toxic and non-narcotic. It can also have a ton of benefits. Our greatest satisfaction has come from the thousands of organic testimonials we’ve received from a variety of appreciative customers.”

The company’s website boasts a product that is all-natural and safe and a natural body supplement. The site also points out how today’s air is not always clean to breathe, and only 1/5 of the atmosphere is made up of oxygen.

Boost Oxygen can be purchased online. Click here to purchase the product.

Be sure to tune into Shark Tank at 9pm ET/PT on ABC To learn more about Boost Oxygen.

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