‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’: Who Is Brock Cantillo & What Happened to Him?


Brock Cantillo plays a central role in many scenes of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on Netflix, even if he’s not actually seen. But who exactly is he, why is he so important, and what happened to him last? Here’s a quick plot refresher about Brock. This article will have major spoilers for Breaking Bad and minor spoilers for El Camino. 

Brock Cantillo Is Jesse’s Girlfriend’s Son


Brock Cantillo is Jesse’s girlfriend’s son. He’s a looming presence in Jesse’s flashbacks on El Camino, even if we don’t actually see him. He’s the reason Jesse didn’t try to escape his imprisonment. His captors had threatened to kill Brock if he tried to escape, and they proved it on Breaking Bad by killing Brock’s mom. (Yes, in case you don’t recall, Andrea Cantillo, Brock’s mother, is dead.)

So for Jesse, Brock is really important. A lot of what he has done in the past was to assure Brock’s safety and his future, at least as best he could. Even though Brock isn’t Jesse’s flesh-and-blood child, Jesse still loves him very much.

Brock’s mother is Andrea Cantillo, a woman that Jesse met in Season 3 of Breaking Bad at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. He was going to sell her meth until he realized that she had a six-year-old son named Brock. He and Andrea started dating and he became close with Brock, too.

In Season 4, Jesse helps Andrea and Brock move into a nicer home, leaving behind a neighborhood that was very dangerous. Jesse sent them money through Saul because he cared about them so much. Later in Season 4, Brock is rushed to the hospital and Jesse thinks someone poisoned him with ricin. At first he thinks that Gus poisoned Brock. But he later learns that Brock was poisoned by toxic berries. In fact, Walt poisoned Brock in order to manipulate Jesse into killing one of his enemies.

Brock recovers, but Jesse and Andrea later break up. But Andrea was later murdered by Jesse’s captors so they could have an emotional hold over him by threatening to kill Brock too.

Interestingly, a discussion on Reddit from two years ago questioned why Jesse cares about Brock as much as he does. Jesse always had an affinity for children. This was first shown in Season 2 when he cared for a neglected child and in Season 3 when he was enraged about a child being a pawn in a murder.

Redditor CMelody wrote: “I think it was the events surrounding Tomas’ (Andrea’s brother’s) death that made Jesse vow to protect Andrea and Brock from anything like that ever happening again. So it should not be surprising that he would be enraged when he found out Walt used Brock as a pawn in his scheme.”

Redditor OneFreeMan316 wrote: “Well my theory is because he seemed to have had a bad relationship with his parents and an emotional disconnect with them. It (had) been quoted that Jesse is like a lost kid and considering nothing is known about Brock’s real dad, (I’m) guessing that … (Jesse) took take that role to prevent Brock from being the lost kid he was.”

Redditor jcpmojo suggested that it was a culmination of many things, including Jesse seeing too many people hurt or killed because of Walt. “(Jesse) wasn’t just living in the moment; he was thinking about a future.”

Whatever the reason, Jesse loves Brock like his own son and never stops thinking about him and wanting to protect him.

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