Madam Secretary Season 6 Cast & Final Season Spoilers

Madam Secretary Season 6 Cast Spoilers

Getty Actress Téa Leoni reacts to a ceremonial first pitch during the filming of Madame Secretary before the game between the New York Mets and the Cleveland Indians at Citi Field on August 21, 2019.

The final season of Madam Secretary premieres on Sunday, October 6 on CBS. There are only 10 episodes left before the series, starring Tea Leoni, comes to an end.

The official synopsis for the season 6 premiere episode, entitled “Hail to the Chief,” reads “Elizabeth must fend off a baseless investigation into her past that threatens to derail the first major legislation of her presidency; Henry squirms after his appearance on a late night show results in heightened scrutiny of his marriage.” According to IMDb, the late night show is The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, which means Stephen Colbert will be featured in the season premiere episode.

Before the season 6 premiere, here’s what else we know about the cast and what to expect before the show comes to an end:

Thanks to a Time Jump, Elizabeth McCord Is the US President in Season 6

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When the final season begins, time has moved forward since the season 5 finale and the title character herself has now found herself not as the Secretary of the United States, but as the first female US President. Although the idea was once a joke among the Madam Secretary team, they ultimately decided to make it an actualized storyline to close out the series while the 2020 US Election is underway in real life. Executive producer Barbara Hall told TV Line “We found a way to have the best of both worlds, where we decided to jump ahead and make her president;” executive producer Lori McCreary added “And we get the fun of picking and choosing the moments that we go back to, so that we don’t have to take even four or five episodes to do a whole campaign.”

One event that McCord gets to enjoy as President has already been spoiled, due to the public nature of its filming. Leoni got to throw the first pitch at an MLB game between the Mets and the Indians, in-character, while the cameras were rolling. Of that experience, she told TV Line “I threw this great, like, not a strike, but damn near, from the mound. It was very important to me that as the first female president, it was gonna get to the plate.”

Several Series Regulars Have Been Downgraded for the Finale

Since the series jumped forward in time to accommodate the shift in storyline, viewers will notice several characters who were prevalent parts of the previous seasons play a much smaller role in the final 10 episodes. According to TV Line, Sara Ramirez, Sebastian Arcelus, Geoffrey Arend, Kathrine Herzer, Evan Roe, and Keith Carradine are not series regulars for season 6. The executive producers stressed that every actor was invited to be a part of at least one episode of the final season before the show ends.

On the other side of things, Kevin Rahm (who plays McCord’s advisor) was promoted to series regular for the final 10 episodes, and Erich Bergen will appear more regularly as Blake, who has an important role to play in McCord’s administration.

Tune in to the final season of Madam Secretary, Sunday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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