All the Easter Eggs in Niall Horan’s ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ Video

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Niall Horan, former One Direction member, released his brand new single entitled “Nice to Meet Ya” on Thursday night, and taking a page out of Taylor Swift‘s notebook, the singer hid a series of Easter eggs throughout the music video. The video is even somewhat interactive.

Directed by The Young Astronauts, and produced by Jeff Pantaleo, the “Nice to Meet Ya” video features the 26-year-old strolling through the city after a gorgeous woman dips out of his apartment early in the morning without saying goodbye. He sings, “I like the way you talk, I like the things you wear, I want you number tattooed on my arm I swear. Cuz when the morning comes, I know you won’t be there. Every time I turn around, you disappear.”

Niall Horan – Nice To Meet Ya (Official)Listen to “Nice to Meet Ya” here: Watch the Complete Video Collection: Director: The Young Astronauts Producer: Jeff Pantaleo Follow Niall: Lyrics: [Verse 1] I like the way you talk, I like the things you wear I want your number tattooed on my arm in ink, I swear 'Cause…2019-10-04T04:00:09.000Z

During catchy, rock/pop new song, which was produced and co-written alongside longtime collaborator Julian Bunetta, Tobias Jesso Jr., and Ruth-Anne Cunningham, Horan walks through the rain, tries on a new suit, and traverses around town looking super fine, and acting suave as hell.

So, if you can peel your eyes off of Irish singer, there are hidden clues to learn the titles of his upcoming songs, which he announces at the end of the video.

Within an hour after the new video was released, it quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views. His fans claimed on Twitter to have watched “Nice to Meet Ya” at least four or five times before they found all the Easter eggs.

For those who got frustrated, and were unable to find all four titles of his upcoming songs, here they are: “Small Talk,” (00:48) “Heartbreak Weather,” (1:15) “No Judgement,” and “Still.”

What Happens If You Call the Phone Numbers Featured in the Music Video

Merely giving away the titles of four of his upcoming songs wasn’t enough, he also hid two phone numbers in the “Nice to Meet Ya” video, and if you call them, he answers. Well, sort of.

If you call 323-772-6866, you’ll hear a pre-recorded message from Horan himself, where he explains the meaning behind “Nice to Meet Ya” and how it connects to his upcoming track, “Small Talk,” along with the musical similarities. After he’s finished talking, Niall plays a full 30 second preview of the song, “Small Talk.”

If you call 323-405-9055, Horan has another personal message delivered voicemail for his fans who call in.

When Does Horan’s New Album Come Out?

Horan has not released the date of his sophomore album, but with the new music and the amount of clues he gave for what’s to come, it shouldn’t be too much longer. He released his debut solo album, Flicker, two years ago.

While Horan has kept a pretty low profile, the former boy band star hasn’t been completely gone the music world since then. Back in February, he and Julia Michaels teamed up for the duet, “What a Time,” which is featured on her EP, Inner Monologues Pt. 1.

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