Is Alamo Drafthouse Open on Thanksgiving 2019?

A generic movie theater with seating

Getty An empty movie theater holds the promise of another screening.

Alamo Drafthouse has grown a reputation among film fans for its unique approach to movie screenings. As many take advantage of the Thanksgiving Day tradition of Dinner and Movie, the company’s locations through the US are open. There’s a lot to “digest” on their schedule of recommendations. It’s the start of their holiday programming that covers everything from horrors to homecomings.

There’s a Special Thanksgiving Menu at Select Locations

If popcorn doesn’t seem right for the big day, there’s a menu to preserve those holiday traditions. Leave the nachos and candy boxes behind because this is a two full courses to accompany any movie. The dinner plate includes a herb roasted turkey breast as the meat. Mashed potatoes with sage gravy, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce cover the dish’s veggies. A dinner roll is included for all of those savory liquid leftovers. If all of that was not enough, a slice of pecan pie covered with whipped cream is included with dessert.

The meal is an add-on that can be included with any ticket purchase for Thanksgiving. While some meals may be available at the time of the showing, the theater chain encourages pre-ordering to avoid disappointment. They also recommend getting a second meal added as a fun leftover to bring home after the film ends.

A bar is also onsite to give audiences beer, wine and spirits throughout their movie going experience. Specialty cocktails are often created to coincide with major releases and some specials even offer collectors glassware or similar items. Prices for the selections vary and availability varies based on the location.

Theaters Plan on Showing First-Run New Releases

The company has crafted a reputation for showing unique or different offerings. For the most part, they are sticking to the top films when scheduling Thanksgiving day showtimes. This year, the most showings goes to the Disney film Frozen 2. The family friendly title can be shown numerous times throughout the day thanks to its short running time.  For adults, the film Knives Out has already done well in early screenings and carries a good rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The online ticketing system is set up to take the worry out of finding a seat. Guests can pick out their seats at the time of purchase. If the showing is already sold out, potential buyers are encouraged to try earlier showings that may have less volume on the holiday. The best seats often get sold before Thanksgiving day, so buy ahead for more choices.

Take Home a Movie As Well

Select locations of Alamo Drafthouse give audiences another place to hang out and enjoy some time away from family activities. Video Vortex locations carry a range of titles from hard to find films on VHS to Blu-Rays of titles from the 2010s. Some titles are available for rent, while others can be purchased. These locations also serve draft beer and have merchandise to suit anyone.