Halstead’s Secret Girlfriend on ‘Chicago PD’

Halstedt on Chicago PD

Matt Dinerstein/NBC Halstedt is just one of the characters solving crimes on Chicago PD.

The fall finale of Chicago PD is set to answer a few questions and leave a life altering cliffhanger in its wake. One of the biggest questions has concerned the tease of a secret girlfriend for Halstead. Fans have some theories that range from an unknown character to Upton, the latter would be a storyline that many have asked for as the season progressed. The real answer to what is going on might not be what viewers were expecting.

Jesse Lee Soffer’s Given Fans More to Think About

The actor, who portrays Halstead on the series, spoke out about the growing speculation around the fall finale. In an interview with TVLine, Soffer broke a few hearts of those hoping for the Upton and Halstead relationship coming out of this. Instead, he revealed the mystery woman on the episode is far from a romantic relationship. “There’s nothing going on, intimately,” between the detective and the mystery woman,” Soffer said. Instead, he offered some information about what this character actually means for the series. “The Marcus West episode, where Halstead sends the guy to county because of the two murdered children. It’s someone having to do with that story, and the fallout of that, and how Halstead blames himself.”

The possible romance with Upton has been something many fans want to see, but when it could happen remains a mystery itself. Everything in the fall finale points to it being even longer before something happens between the two. At the start of the season, showrunner Rick Eid was ready to tease a possible relationship. “I think their relationship will continue to grow and there’s definitely a romantic undercurrent to their relationship, and whether it’s acted upon or not, you got to keep watching to see,” Eid told Hollywood Life. As for what might happen, Soffer thinks this twist in the storyline might just bring the two together. He told TV Guide of the implications from this fall finale. “It’s definitely gonna be a little bit of a wakeup call for Hailey. I think she’s gonna go, ‘Oh my gosh, I really care about this person.”

Halstead Has Other Problems Ahead Of Him

More than the character’s relationship status, the fall finale poses another big challenge for the character as well as the actor who portrays him. In an exclusive with US Weekly, Soffer talked about the dangers Halstead faces as the episode comes to a close. “He’s giving help where he can, he’s trying to do the right thing — or what he thinks is right — crossing some boundaries and not telling the team about it and then that unravels and he finds himself in a life or death situation, which is our fall cliffhanger,” the actor revealed.

It definitively threw off the actor when he first read the script for the episode. “You absolutely will not expect at all. I didn’t, reading it, did not expect it at all. [It’s] very surprising, very scary,” he continued. According to the actor, it was the series showrunner Eid who was the one that wanted to speak to him first. In what he described as a “rough” call, the man calling the shots for the series let Soffer know this was not going to be easy for Halstead. Some upcoming spoilers for the series have even hinted at deadly ramifications. All of this remains to be seen for two of the series’ most popular characters.

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