DWTS Season 28 Winner Predictions Going Into the Semifinals

Dancing With the Stars 2019 Cast and Partners


Dancing with the Stars is quickly approaching those all-important finals. Before competitors can reach that final step to the mirrorball trophy, they have to go through what promises to be a challenging semifinals. In a season already full of twists and turns, the favorites have been constants throughout. Read on to break down who has a chance to win it all and which pairs may be out before even reaching the finals.

James Van Der Beek Is the Favorite to Win

There’s no sure thing when it comes to DWTS, but if there was, Van Der Beek would take that title. Since his first televised dance, the actor has proven to be one of the best to grace the ballroom. He also holds the distinction of being one of two contestants who have avoided the bottom two each week. A consistent social media presence along with some undoubted nostalgia from Dawnson’s Creek fans should help him cruise to victory when all is set and done.

Hannah Brown Could Pull Off a Surprise Upset

The former Bachlorette has shown critics that she is far more than a reality star. Instead, her dances have been creative and technically appealing. Brown’s also proven to viewers and judges that she is more than ready to tackle any dance. Speaking of judges, many fans have questioned their scores for the contestant. In some cases, she was scored close to dancers that were considered to perform less technical or successful routines. Brown can make it to the finals, but it’s going to be tough for her to beat Van Der Beek.

Ally Brooke Needs Her Fans to Get Close to the Mirrorball Trophy

Much like Brown, Ally Brooke brings her own set of fans to the show. Their dedication have helped her remain a part of the competition, even with some very close calls. The singer’s shown her detractors that she more than belongs in the finals with perfect scores and routines which thrilled the judges. She needs fan support to have a chance at the finals, and then to make a significant impact there. With Van Der Beek offering consistent performances and Brown showing a winner’s work ethic, Brooke needs to stand out. In that respect, she’s already showing up on social media to rally her supporters. Those votes are really going to matter if she makes it to an already difficult final.

Lauren Alaina Could Surprise With the Help of Country Fans

The country singer has quietly put in consistent performances and stayed under the radar as others have been eliminated. Unlike surprise winner last season, country radio host Bobby Bones, her inclusion in the final would meet with much less controversy. She’s also been in the news recently for personal issues which may earn some sympathy. After all, Sean Spicer proved that not everything is about the quality of the dance when it comes to winning. Her best bet to make it to the finals is bring in some consistent performances and reach out to country fans for that added push.

Kel Mitchell Might Pull of One of DWTS’ Biggest Comebacks

Mitchell was one of the unknown variables when the competition started. On one hand, he might show up with the nostalgia vote from viewers who loved his work on Nickelodeon. On the other hand, his dance skills were a big question mark. His performances may not have been the most mentioned, but they showed an enthusiasm that was hard to contain. His run in the series have been full of ups and downs, including possible elimination. His performances during the semifinals are crucial towards him reaching the top three. The judges have even more influence this time and he’ll need them on his side if he goes into the finals. Like his other competitors, online campaigning through social media is also helping him. He’s not a favorite to win the whole competition, but his effort and attitude is something that fans have loved this season.

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