The Yard ‘Freak Shakes’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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ABC The Yard's 'Freak Shakes'.

Tonight, The Yard is bringing milkshakes to a whole new level with their Freak Shakes.

Marketed as a “casual milkshake bar,” the restaurant offers three menus to choose from: the specialty milkshakes menu, the everything else menu, and the shake boss menu. The idea comes from the husband and wife team of Logan and Chelsea Green, who both came from entrepreneurial families. Will their shakes be appetizing enough for the sharks to bite?

Here’s what you need to know about The Yard Milkshake Bar:

1. The Yard Opened in May 2017

The Yard Milkshake Bar was opened in May 2017, in the Green’s hometown of Gulf Shores, Alabama. The couple has been in the ice cream business since 2011, and opened up a store in Panama City Beach a year after opening in their original location.

A PR article quotes Chelsea as saying, “We love Panama City Beach! We have been getting requests to open a location in Florida since the first week we opened in Gulf Shores and we are so excited to have it finally open.”

Along with their 28 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream, the company offers specialty milkshakes with toppings ranging from waffles and doughnuts to cotton candy and brownies.

2. The Menus Are Made up of a Checklist

The menu for The Yard is made up of a checklist, where customers can choose up to 28 ice cream flavors, nine cookie doughs, and 56 toppings to create a shake or sundae.

According to the CT Sun, there is also a “build your own” waffle or doughnut sundae.

Chelsea shares, “I love combining the flavors and toppings to make new creations. I wanted our customers to be able to come up with their own milkshakes and sundaes easily. The way our menu is at The Yard, everyone will be able to build a new shake or sundae every time they come in.”

3. Chelsea Ran an Ice Cream Shop While Studying at the University of South Alabama

While studying marketing at the University of South Alabama, Chelsea ran an ice cream shop with her mother.

Mobile Bay writes, “Ever the entrepreneur, Chelsea wanted to expand the business and began experimenting with new concepts. One day she tested an over-the-top milkshake at her shop, and the rest is history.”

While The Yard offers standard cups and cones, it is clear, based on their social media especially, that their milkshakes have garnered the most attention across the board.

4. They Have Five Locations Across the Country

The Yard Milkshake BarOwners serve specialty milkshake in Pier Park2018-04-06T19:51:17.000Z

As of now, according to the company’s Instagram, there are The Yard locations available in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas.

According to All Shark Tank Products, a number of people showed up for the company’s opening day. And the next day, that number had doubled. “On day 3, the line snaked out the door.”

The Yard describes it’s atmosphere as “farmhouse chic.”

5. The Specialty Shake Is the Mermaid Shake

The specialty shakes offered at The Yard include the Mermaid Shake, which includes birthday cake ice cream topped with sea-foam green whipped cream, marshmallow, and a blue chocolate mermaid tail. Another option is the Unicorn, which is unicorm ice cream topped with whipped cream, blue cotton candy, and rainbow candy tape.

The menu has gluten-free options as well as no-sugar added ice creams. There are also dairy-free items, which include a fruit punch specialty shake– raspberry sorbet, lemonade, mango, and watermelon ice.

Will the sharks bite into some ice cream on tonight’s episode? Tune in to a new episode of Shark Tank on ABC at 9pm ET/PM to find out.

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