‘Temptation Island’s’ Ben Knobloch Opens up About Ashley H. & Casey

Ben Knobloch

IUSA Ben Knobloch on 'Temptation Island'.

This season on Temptation Island, Ben Knobloch has swept Ashley H. off her feet. During tonight’s two-hour finale, fans will finally learn if the two are still together, or if Ashley went back to her boyfriend Casey Starchak after what has been an extremely dramatic season.

This week, Heavy.com sat down with Ben to discuss his relationship with Ashley, what he looks for in a woman, and what he has to say about his time on Temptation Island.

He Initially Did Not Know the Premise of the Show

Ben hails from Arizona and was completely unfamiliar with Temptation Island. But when the show reached out to him, he didn’t want to pass up the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and decided to give it a shot. He tells Heavy, “Not even knowing the premise of the show, I came in with zero expectations so that no matter what happened I wouldn’t be upset.”

So far, it seems like the series exceeded his expectations. It’s unclear if he and Ashley H. are still together, but the two have formed a strong connection, and it seems likely they’ll leave the island together.

Asked what jumped out at him at first when it came to Ashley, he explains, “Obviously the first thing that happens is the physical attraction. Ashley caught my eye with her pretty smile and big brown eyes. During the first cocktail party, I realized she was more than just a pretty face when we spent the better part of an hour just laughing together.”

The two started out as friends, but that eventually developed into a romance. Ben made his first move a few episodes ago while the pair was on a date. Ben tells Heavy, “I knew that I had to make my move soon if I wanted Ashley to know how I felt. I hadn’t gone into that date expecting anything but the date turned out to be quite amazing. Noticing the fire pit and the small pathway it seemed like now or never, so I went for it… I let Ashley know I wasn’t there for games or to waste anyone’s time.”

His Ideal First Date Involves an Activity Neither Party Has Done Before

Ben says when it comes to a great first date, both individuals should be engaged in an activity they’ve never done before. He says, “This gives you insight into how the other person reacts to challenges, excitement, competition or even pure bliss. These dates are much more memorable and waste no time in sparking thoughts of a future with this person.” He jokes that these kinds of dates should involve private jets, Colorado ski slopes, or fast cars.

Ben adds on that he is attracted to women with goals. “So many people become complacent in life that finding someone who is motivated to better themselves is extremely rare. When those sorts of women come into your life, you cannot take them for granted.”

Despite all that he learned on the series– which includes potentially leaving in a relationship– Ben admits he would never bring a girlfriend to Temptation Island.

Ben Opens Up About Casey Starchak

Recently, rumors swirled that Casey Starchak doesn’t attend the Temptation Island reunion special. In fact, the reality TV star lashed out at host Mark Walberg in a series of tweets last week, one of which read, “When the host of the show pretends to be there for everyone but actually just cares about the interests of the show and what will make USA the most money. #dramasells #thanksforthesupportmark.”

We asked Ben about his thoughts on Casey and how watching the show back has made him feel when it comes to Ashley’s-maybe-ex-boyfriend. He admitted, “Watching the episodes back, seeing Casey say those things about Ashley really didn’t surprise me. She described her relationship with Casey as toxic, imbalanced, and in need of repair. Some of the things Ashley told me Casey said during arguments appalled me. Certain things should never be said to a woman.”

It remains to be seen how everything will pan out. Most of America– even Snooki— seems to want Ben and Ashley to end up together. (Snooki commented on an Instagram post of Ben and Ashley hugging: “If you don’t end up with Ben I’m leaving.”) For now, we’ll have to wait and see how everything unfolds.

Tonight, Temptation Island will air the second half of the final bonfires along with the reunion special. Be sure to tune in to the drama on USA Network at 9pm ET/PT.

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