Flamingo on ‘The Masked Singer’ Is… LIVE Unmasked Reveal

The Masked Singer Flamingo

FOX The Flamingo in the season 2 finale of "The Masked Singer."

The Flamingo performed as a top contender all through The Masked Singer season 2, earning her spot in the finale and a shot at winning the golden trophy. Do you know who the Flamingo was this season? It was revealed during the season finale, and we have the answer below. BEWARE OF SPOILERS.

The Flamingo’s true celebrity identity was… Adrienne Bailon!

Ahead of the season 2 finale episode, Fox teased in their episode synopsis “Relive all the fan-favorite moments and best performances from the second season. Then, the three finalists compete for the golden mask trophy, and one by one their identities will be revealed, including the winner… All will be revealed, and one celebrity will take home the golden trophy and the Season Two title.”

The Flamingo’s ‘Road to the Finals’

Heading into the season finale, the top guess for the Flamingo’s celebrity identity was Adrienne Bailon. It’s a great guess, considering many of the clues that the Flamingo has shared throughout the season.

Based on various clue packages, performances, and on-stage interactions with the judges, here are some of the important details we’ve learned about the Flamingo and the celebrity beneath the mask:

– She grew up singing in the church choir.
– She loves her mask as much as she loves mascara.
– She referenced “ZooTube,” which likely is a play on the video-sharing platform Youtube’s name.
– She has a connection to the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower (perhaps a love of traveling?).
– She has a connection to Spanish culture.
– She once attended medical school.

During the season 2 finale, The Masked Singer shared an exclusive new video package showing the Flamingo’s journey on the show. She said that she has a fear of singing live because she hates the sound of her own voice, which she thinks sounds like a child.

For the Flamingo’s “tweet” clue, she wrote “Flam Flam is getting glam glam before I add more gold to my collection.” She included the hashtag “#prettyinpink.”

The Flamingo Finished in Third Place

The Flamingo chose to sing “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner and blew away the judges yet again with her vocals, dance moves, and stage presence. Although her clue package didn’t give anything new away, she said her time on The Masked Singer helped her break out of the box she put herself in. After her performance, she got emotional as she said that she was told she would never amount to anything. Robin, Jenny, and Nicole all agreed that they believe it’s Adrienne Bailon behind the mask.

In spite of her excellent performance, the Flamingo received the least number of votes out of all of the finalists and received a bronze third-place finish.

Jenny, Robin, and Nicole all guessed Adrienne Bailon, while Ken guessed Jessica Simpson. Adrienne told the judges that the show helped her reframe the way she thinks about her voice and that if others think it’s “a’ight,” maybe it’s “a’ight.” The judges assured her that she’s more than alright, and should definitely continue to sing with confidence.

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