Juice Wrld Songs: His Top 5 Greatest Hits

Juice Wrld during a 2018 performance.

Getty Juice Wrld during a 2018 performance.

When he died in December of 2019, Juice Wrld was well on his way to superstardom in the music industry. The rapper had just joined Nicki Minaj on the European leg of her world tour earlier in the year and was in the process of starting his own tour. He also released his second album to positive reactions from fans as well as critics .Overall, it was a life and career cut too short. Read on to find out which songs were his top five greatest hits.


The deaths of fellow rappers XXXTentacion and Lil Peep were the catalyst for Juice Wrld to write “Legends”. It’s a song that touches on their deaths as well as the rapper’s thoughts about his mortality. In one of the eeriest portions of the song, he talks about the infamous 27 Club. This urban legend connects artists and celebrities that have all died at the age of 27. Whether prophecy or therapy, the mention of his death at or before 21 makes this song legendary for more reasons than one.

Lucid Dreams

“Lucid Dreams” started out on a Juice Wrld ep. First debuting on SoundCloud. it features a smooth, solid sound thanks to a backing track that samples “Shape of My Heart”. Use of the Sting song got the rapper in trouble and ultimately led to a lawsuit concerning royalties. The pop star was not the only artist to sue. Still, the song’s potent combination is something that lingers long after the drama is through. Interestingly, this indie single went on to reach number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Hear Me Calling

The loss of love comes up in more than “Lucid Dreams”. This contribution to the Death Race for Love album was a success for the rapper. Unlike the slower paced “Dreams”, the song took a pop backing that gave the lyrics a more casual interpretation. It also features an unforgettable video with the artist playing his way through a video game world. Somehow, that theme brings to life the game of love that Juice Wrld was able to tap into with his interpretations of the lyrics.


“Bandit” is one of the best examples of Juice Wrld’s collaborations. For the song, he worked with NBA YoungBoy to create a sound that sticks. It’s a pulsating beat that stays steady and plays up the quick flowing lyrics. Living up to its name, the song talks about “stealing” a girl’s heart. This time, the rapper is keeping it free from the break-up zone as the relationship is all good. Listeners also loved the sound as “Bandit” reached the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100.


There’s something about “Robbery” that keeps listeners thinking about the lyrics long after they’re over. Of everything Juice Wrld wrote before his death, the tragedy seems more pronounced among the lines ‘You let me know love is not the answer. Not the answer, not the answer.” More than just an ode to getting away from a bad relationship, the song resonated with fans. It was one of the top singles ever released by the performer.

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