Kim Kardashian West’s Shapewear Is In Nordstrom Today



Kim Kardashian West’s shapewear line SKIMS is available in Nordstrom today.

Kim launched the shapewear line last fall and it is available in 25 Nordstrom stores and on today, February 5, 2020.

Kim told Good Morning America, “I’ve been cutting up my own shape wear for years. I dye my own [shapewear] as well. I put it in the sink with coffee and tea bags to get the right color for my skin tone. I always had trouble finding the right [shapewear] for my skin tone and I imagined what the trouble my daughter would have trying to find something that matched hers.

Kim, who recently finished her first year of law school and is set to premiere a documentary on Oxygen in April called The Justice Project, chose Nordstrom for her debut retail collection because of the retailer’s “inclusivity” and their willingness to sell the full range of styles, sizes and colorways that Kim included in her line, which ranges from a pinky-nude to a deep coffee brown and black and every shade in between, according to E! News and Kim’s website.

Reviews for the collection have been mixed. The SKIMS have been hard to get into, reported Cosmopolitan, but once the people were in, they were comfortable. But what about going to the bathroom? Tricky. The see through butts on the one piece were weird to people. Overall, reviewers said that if you didn’t have to eat or go to the bathroom, they were good.

The two piece SKIMS were a less-favorite. One Cosmopolitan reviewer said that she felt like she looked unnatural. People wanted a “pee hole.”

People thought that they’d definitely wear the shapewear if they were going out. They liked the colors and one reviewer said she’d be confident wearing “that dress” she hadn’t taken out of the closet.

A different reviewer, Lauren Curtis, said the line was very expensive and gave a comparison between her line of sleepwear and Kim’s line of shapewear. Hers is cheaper, basically. She talked about it for more than eight minutes. After she moved on, she discussed the fabrication, which she called “heavy duty.” She liked the butt ruching on bottoms saying it could give you a “juicy butt.” says the line was touted as “the new, solution-focused approach to shape enhancing undergarments, created by Kim Kardashian West,” Skims Solutionwear includes the usual stretchy shapewear items, designed to provide “solutions” for tummy, butt, waist, and thighs, in different support levels (medium, high, and “super high”). These items come in an expansive size range, from XXXS/XS to 4X/5X (even broader than Spanx’s offerings) and are sold in white, black, and shades of gray as well as an inclusive range of skin shades from “Sand” to “Cocoa” (though not all items come in all hues). Skims also makes bras, non-shaping underwear, a cotton line, and some more unique speciality items, such as a single-legged short for wearing beneath skirts with high slits.

Compared to Spanx, said that SKIMS were much easier to get into despite their actual size being smaller. Spanx were called “beyond tough” to get on your body compared to SKIMS.

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