Why Madison Prewett’s Father Rejects an Engagement to Peter Weber

ABC/Instagram Peter Weber, Chad and Madison Prewett

There’s always at least one virgin on every cycle of The Bachelor, and this season it’s the beautiful Madison Prewett. However, instead of heavily promoting this fact from Day 1 as producers did with former Bachelor star Colton Underwood, Madison only recently opened up about her deep religious faith. Heading into the Hometown Dates portion of the show, the 23-year-old from Auburn, Alabama, still hasn’t told Peter that she’s saving herself for marriage.

This incredibly personal information will be revealed while Madison introduces Peter Weber to her family on Monday night, and The Bachelor star’s sexual past will be a major point of discussion with her father, Chad Prewett. Madison is incredibly close to her family and like her parents, she credits their faith in keeping them all so perfectly in sync.

Madison’s parents Chad and Tonya recently celebrated 29 years of marriage and they’ve set the bar for what Madison is looking for in a relationship. After Weber famously had sex four times in a windmill with Hannah Brown during her season of The Bachelorette, Madison’s father is understandably worried about his seemingly promiscuous dating style.

Ultimately, Mr. Prewett does not approve of Peter sleeping with fellow contestants while he’s dating his daughter and refuses to give the pilot his approval. It’s a crushing blow since Peter has already bared his heart to Madison, and told her that he was falling in love with her.

Because Madison thinks the world of her father, his rejection of Peter’s possible engagement is going to seriously shake her world. This comes on top of knowing the man who could possibly become your future husband is simultaneously sleeping with his other finalists. While this is already a tough pill to swallow, for someone who’s abstinent in faith, it’s fact that cuts deeper than usual.

While no one knows who Peter ultimately chooses in the end, mainly because it hasn’t happened yet, there are fan theories and rumors that lead many to believe Madison ultimately gets the ring. So, maybe Madison’s father eventually comes around.

Chad & Tonya Prewett Married When They Were Only 18 Years Old

On their 28th anniversary in 2018, Tonya reminisced about their sweet marriage story. While on vacation in Hawaii Tony wrote on Instagram, “Chad and I got married when we were 18. So young… but we knew. People didn’t believe a marriage that started that young would last. It did. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has certainly been worth it. Our waiter at dinner last night asked how many years we had been married. We said 28!! He said, “Wow, what’s the SECRET?” Chad said, ‘Keep God in the center of your relationship.’ He thought for a minute and then said, ‘That’s not a secret to keep.’ Such a profound response.”

Chad and Tonya appear to be nothing short of relationship goals. And when it’s not basketball season, they travel all over the world together to places like Jerusalem, Ireland, and England. They bring their daughters along for the fun sometimes, too. For their anniversary in 2019, Chad shared on Instagram, “I love you more and more every day @tonyaprew. Happy Anniversary! #29years.”

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