The Robot on ‘The Masked Singer’ Premiere Clues & Guesses

The Masked Singer Robot

FOX MASKED SINGER: The Robot in the Season Three premiere of THE MASKED SINGER airing Sunday, Feb. 2 (10:30-11:40 PM ET/7:30-8:40 PM PT live to all time zones) on FOX, following SUPER BOWL LIV.

The Masked Singer returned with season 3 on Sunday, February 2, right after the Super Bowl. Contestants in Group A performed during the hour-long episode, and fans got to see the Robot perform for the first time.

Here’s what we learned about the Robot during the premiere, and the best guesses for the Robot’s identity so far:

‘The Masked Singer’ Robot Clues

A preview teaser released ahead of the season 3 premiere gave viewers an initial hint about the Robot’s identity. In the video, The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon delivered the Robot costume to a cowboy wearing a Ram belt buckle and a black hat and gloves.

The Robot’s video clue package was set in a science lab. Beakers, test tubes, and the periodic table of elements were major visual clues, as well as an old computer completing a download of the Robot.

A skateboard against a fire hydrant was another visual hint.

The Robot said that his potential has been “stunted,” and that he is competing in the competition because he’s “Here to tip the scales and show that I can be relatable to everyone.”

The robot also said he has a heart, and a lot of love to give.

After the premiere performance, the Robot told Nick Cannon “I have never done anything like this before, so I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had in my career.”

FOX teases that this season there are “Eighteen celebrity singers wearing all-new custom made costumes will perform as America tries to guess who they are! The Season Three contestants have amassed a combined 69 Grammy Nominations, 88 Gold Records, 11 Super Bowl appearances, three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, more than 160 tattoos and one title in the Guinness Book of World Records.” Which accomplishments belong to the celebrity beneath the Robot mask?

The Robot on ‘The Masked Singer’ Top Guesses

After the first clue package for the Robot was shared, fans on Twitter were quick to give their initial guesses. Some guessed Billy Ray Cyrus, because of the cowboy reference in the season preview. Others guessed Simon Cowell.

Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O were two guesses made by the celebrity guest panel. Nicole guessed Floyd Mayweather, based on clues like “tip the scales” that she said made her think the Robot is a professional fighter.

When The Masked Singer‘s Twitter account asked fans who they thought the Robot was, many fans guessed that he was not any of the judges’ guesses. Rather, they wrote with great certainty that the Robot was Lil Wayne.

UPDATE: At the end of the episode, the Robot was unmasked, revealing that his celebrity identity was American rapper Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne said that the periodic table was a clue because the scientist pointed to the platinum element. Lil Wayne has had many certified platinum songs, and has worked with two of the judges (Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger). His motivation for participating in the show was his kids, who are fans of The Masked Singer.

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