Biggest Loser 2020 Finale & Winner: Who Won Season 18? Live Spoilers & Recap


USA’s reboot of The Biggest Loser has successfully relaunched the franchise with Bob Harper returning as host, two new trainers in Steve Cook and Erica Lugo, and new guidelines and resources put in place to help the contestants stay healthy at home.

Now on Tuesday, March 31, it all comes down the final three contestants: Micah Collum, Jim DiBattista, and Kyle Yeo.

Collum is a 23-year-old from Oneonta, Alabama, who helps take care of his six siblings. His starting weight was 326 pounds; going into the finale, he has lost 72 pounds and stands at 254.

DiBattista is a 47-year-old football coach and father of three from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His starting weight was 385 pounds; going into the finale, he has lost 105 pounds and stands at 280.

Yeo is a 28-year-old Kansas City native who recently came out of the closet. His starting weight was 302 pounds; going into the finale, he has lost 63 pounds and stands at 205.

Following along here with us during the finale as all 12 contestants return to the Biggest Loser ranch to see where they’ve all come since beginning their weight loss journeys. One of the final three contestants will be crowned the Biggest Loser and take home $100,000, a Planet Fitness home gym and a trip to Universal Orlando resort, plus one of the eliminated contestants will win the $25,000 at-home prize.

All times Eastern. Be warned of spoilers.

9:05 — The show kicks off with an emotional recap of the season as a whole. The final three men are so stoked to be in the finals.

9:15 — Micah, Kyle and Jim all have emotional reveals when they go home to their families, though Micah admits later that he feels a lot of pressure now that he’s home. Kyle also admits that he didn’t realize until he went away for several weeks to film the show how many walls he had up with his family. And Jim is stoked to be running around with the football team he coaches.

9:20 — The trainers visit their contestants and Steve Cook is dismayed to find out that Micah came home and gained weight. He has since lost that weight, but he’s now down only two pounds since he came home.

9:30 — The eliminated contestants show up and are all looking fabulous. Domenico Brugellis and Kristi McCart, in particular, look amazing. Phi Holmes also shows off her twerking skills because she’s been taking a twerking class at home.

9:40 — Then the three finalists show up and the other contestants are shocked at how good Micah, Kyle, and Jim look. Bob Harper tells them they must all be super competitive people because they clearly worked super hard at home.

9:45 — Now we get an update on everyone’s medical tests from the premiere. Robert Richardson’s times when he stops breathing due to sleep apnea has been cut in half. Megan Hoffman’s sleep apnea is completely gone. Micah and Teri Aguiar’s cholesterol levels have dropped way down. Kim Davis and Domenico are now no longer pre-diabetic, and Jim is now no longer a diabetic. Delores Tomorrow, Katarina Bouton, Kristi, Phi, and Kyle have all had their chances of dying from an obesity-related complication drop significantly from being at 90 percent when they started.

9:46 — Bob then reveals the Top 3 who are eligible for the at-home prize: Teri, Megan, and Kristi.

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9:55 — Time for the at-home winner weigh-in. Teri had a starting weight of 256 pounds and now she weighs 186, for a loss of 70 pounds, which is a 27.34 percent loss. Megan had a starting weight of 290 pounds and now she weighs 207, for a loss of 83 pounds, which is a 28.62 percent loss. Kristi had a starting weight of 264 pounds and now she weighs 191, for a loss of 73 pounds, which is 27.65 percent. But that means Megan Hoffman is the at-home winner.

10:12 — Time for the winner weigh-in. Micah started at 326 pounds and now weighs 227, for a loss of 99 pounds, which is a 30.37 percent loss.

10:18 — Kyle started at 302 pounds and now weighs 216 pounds, which is not enough to put him in first place. But it’s still an 86-pound loss, which is a 28.48 percent loss of his original weight.

10:20 — Now it’s down to Jim. His starting weight was 385 pounds, the second most of any contestant. He needs to have lost 117 pounds to win and he has lost… 144 pounds. He now weighs 241 and he is the biggest loser! His trainer, Erica Lugo, breaks down in screaming tears when she sees that he won. That was a 37.40 percent weight loss.

10:25 — In an update since the finale taped, Jim says he lost another 11 pounds, so he’s down to 230 pounds.

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