Corey Feldman Said He Was Stabbed After Hollywood Pedophile Claims

Corey Feldman

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On March 28, 2018, Corey Feldman posted a tweet that said he had been stabbed and was in the hospital. The tweet showed images of him in a hospital gown.

Feldman filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department, claiming the incident he says took place was “attempted homicide.” The LAPD denied Feldman’s claim, saying there was no evidence a stabbing took place, USA Today reported at the time. This incident, Feldman believed, was a retaliatory attempt on his life for his ongoing assertions that powerful men in Hollywood, or those who are working or otherwise associated with the entertainment industry in Hollywood, are child molesters and pedophiles, reported the Washington Post. In 2013, he released an audiobook, his autobiography entitled Coreyography, to come forward as a victim of child sexual abuse that he said began on the set of the 1987 film The Lost Boys.

Since 2013, Feldman has been very vocal in his insistence that certain men sexually abused him, Corey Haim and other child actors that were in his circle at the time. Many have asked him to name the people he is accusing but he said that he feared for his life, refusing to name any individual outright, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Tonight, he is naming six men he claims abused him and other 1980s child actors in his documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys. The live streaming documentary begins tonight, March 9, 2020 at 11 p.m. Eastern at

Here’s everything we know about Feldman’s reported stabbing incident:

Corey Feldman’s Claims of Being Stabbed Were Denied by the LAPD

“IM IN THE HOSPITAL! I WAS ATTACKED 2NITE! A MAN OPENED MY CAR DOOR & STABBED ME W SOMETHING! PLEASE SAY PRAYERS 4 US! THANK GOD IT WAS ONLY MYSELF & MY SECURITY IN THE CAR, WHEN 3 MEN APPROACHED! WHILE SECURITY WAS DISTRACTED, W A GUY A CAR PULLED UP & ATTACKED! I’M OK!” His 2018 tweet announced his attack. Subsequent reports elaborated on the claim that included he was stabbed with a syringe and was being tested for infection and the transmission of virus, reported Fox News at the time. He also told the Daily Mail that hispanic approached his car, opened the door and began trying to stab him with “something” in his stomach. He continued that his car was being followed and, when it pulled up beside him, his security shined guard his flashlight into the car’s window at which point the attack happened, said Dlisted.

“@LAPD R CURRENTLY INVESTIGATING THE CASE AS AN ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE! I HAVE HAD MOUNTING THREATS ON ALL SM PLATFORMS BY THIS VILE “WOLFPACK” & THIS IM SURE IS A RESULT OF THOSE NEGATIVE ACTIONS! I HAVE REASON 2 BELIEVE ITS ALL CONNECTED! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! HOW SICK R THESE PPL?!?” The follow-up tweet to his announcement indicates that this was an attempt to silence his ongoing molestation claims. Feldman has continued to insist that the people he said abused him would retaliate if he named them outright. His ongoing claims seem to also indicate that this “wolfpack” is above the authority of law.

While the LAPD was not, in fact, investigating Feldman’s claims as “attempted homicide”, they did offer that the attack, if it happened, might have been road rage.

Corey Feldman’s Credibility Is the Subject of Debate

Feldman’s credibility has been called into question by the media, members of which cite his well-publicized lifestyle choices as the reason why his claims are being held to scrutiny. The Gaurdian confirms this saying the actor is a “sleaze and a crack pot.” The piece continues that throughout his life, Feldman had a very public and ongoing drug addiction, he maintained a close friendship with accused child molester Michael Jackson, he appeared in several reality TV series in which his unusual behavior was well documented and he’s actively involved in the paranormal community, reported Rolling Stone.

In 2014, he began posting on The user-generated reality TV platform featured Corey’s Angels, Feldman’s “360 management, development and production agency” whose goal it was to “help women in desperate situations who were looking for a way out,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

The images posted in the Facebook community depicted groups of women wearing feather angel halos and thong underwear performing various activities in public at Feldman’s behest. The contradictory nature of Feldman’s stated stance on sexual exploitation and his creation of Corey’s Angels led some to question his intent and to ask how, exactly, he was helping the women who appeared in the photos.

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