Westeros World Confirmed with D&D’s ‘Westworld’ Cameo


David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (commonly known as D&D) made a cameo appearance on Westworld tonight, which basically confirms that Westeros World is a thing. But is that a good thing? Fans who are still angry about Game of Thrones aren’t so sure and they’ve been voicing doubt ever since the cameo was first announced.

This article has spoilers for D&D’s cameo appearance on Westworld tonight, so only read on if you’ve seen the scene or don’t mind spoilers.

The cameo appearance wasn’t exactly what some fans had hoped for. It just briefly showed the two dialoguing behind a glass door as they worked on a host dragon. The brief scene was pretty fun to watch, especially the dragon part. Who could ever get tired of seeing a Game of Thrones dragon?

It was a brief scene that basically could confirm that Game of Thrones is essentially Westeros World. But fans were hoping that maybe the characters would get killed off during the scene perhaps, and that didn’t happen.

A user on Reddit had the same hope. They wrote: “These violent delights have violent ends. Hopefully.”

Those wishes didn’t come true. Fans were already upset about D&D appearing in Westworld when they first heard the news.

Others feared it meant they might ruin Westworld too, since the final season of Game of Thrones is so hated.

Some fans are convinced that in the “real” Westworld world, Dr. Ford would have fired D&D from a Westeros World and they wouldn’t still be working there, despite their cameo tonight.

Tonight, D&D weren’t quite playing themselves. They were playing a pair of technicians who work for Delos and were, simultaneously, working on a dragon who looks a lot like it’s straight from Game of Thrones.




Some people think their cameo isn’t really that big of a deal.

Back when their cameo was first announced, Reddit’s freefolk subreddit had a lot of ideas about how it might go. They had some pretty creative thoughts that would have been pretty funny.

Here’s one. Redditor u/Xaviersamuleson wrote: “It would be great if they were in charge of a park that had gone downhill since they took over the scripting duties. I can just hear bernard ripping them apart over storylines and charecter actions that don’t make sense and it ruining the experience for the guests. Might even be cathartic.”

Well, tonight’s cameo wasn’t really cathartic in the scenes of seeing anything crazy happen with the technicians that D&D were portraying. But seeing the dragon again was still a very nice touch.

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