What Kind of Drugs Was Mama June Arrested for? Crack Cocaine

Mama June

Macron County Sheriff\'s Office Mama June was arrested on charges of felony possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia in March, 2019.

Mama June, whose real name is June Shannon, was arrested in March, 2019 for drug possession after she and boyfriend Geno Doak were found with a pill bottle full of crack cocaine, several needles, a glass pipe that contained white residue, and a marijuana bong outside of an Alabama gas station.

June and Doak were both arrested charges of felony possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia; Doak was also charged with third-degree domestic violence harassment, on top of the drug charges. Keep reading for details on the arrest:

Mama June & Doak Were Arrested After Police Found Drug Paraphernalia in June’s Vehicle

Mama June

Macon County Sheriff’s OfficeMama June was arrested on drug charges alongside boyfriend Geno Doak in March, 2019.

Mama June and Doak were both arrested on March 13, 2019, after police were called to a gas station in Alabama regarding a domestic incident. When officers searched June’s car, they found a plethora of drug paraphernalia including a pill bottle filled with crack cocaine, and arrested both of the reality stars.

June and Doak pleaded “not guilty” to the charges in October, 2019, according to People. The State of Alabama had a grand jury review the evidence in Mama June’s case, according to The Blast, which published the indictment. They found that Mama June “did unlawfully possess a controlled substance-to-wit: Cocaine, in violation of” the law and “did unlawfully possess with intent to use in inject, ingest, inhale or otherwise introduce into the human body, drug paraphernalia, to-wit: a pipe,” the indictment states, according to The Blast.

Doak received the same two charges. The indictment also stated that Doak “did unlawfully possess with intent to use to inject, ingest, inhale or otherwise introduce into the human body, drug paraphernalia, to-wit: a pipe.” According to The Blast, the drug possession charge is a felony, while the paraphernalia charge is a misdemeanor.

June Wants to ‘Disappear’ & Is Not on Speaking Terms With Her Children, as of January, 2020

Mama June: Family Crisis Season 4 🤯😱FIRST LOOK!This season, Mama June’s arrest, disappearance, and use of illegal drugs create a crisis for her loved ones. Leaning on each other for strength and support, the family tries again and again to facilitate June’s healthy return. #MamaJune #FromNotToHot #FamilyCrisis Subscribe to the WE tv channel for more clips: goo.gl/1CiBkL Like on Facebook: facebook.com/WEtv Follow…2020-03-18T00:28:05.000Z

Shortly before Mama June’s 2019 arrest, her children, family and friends staged an intervention for the reality star. The intervention did not go well and ended with Mama June storming out of the house and falling dramatically in the middle of the street. However, after three hours of her family working hard to convince her that she needed help, she finally checked herself into rehab (although that lasted all of 12 hours).

“I hate my f–king self, I want to kill the person I’ve become,” she says in the clip above. The reality star also uploaded a selfie on Instagram back in January, where she noted that she and her children were not on speaking terms, and that she “just wants to disappear” sometimes.

The original post was filled with spelling and grammatical errors, so Heavy re-typed it in order to make it more legible for readers. The post reads, “Even though me and the kids aren’t still seeing each other and it’s been very hard on all of us but I hope one day that will change as I want them to know I miss and love them very much.”

New episodes of Mama June: Family Crisis air on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv. In the meantime, you can find all the latest in TV coverage and entertainment news here.

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