MJ and Reza Today on ‘Shahs of Sunset’: Are They Still Friends or Fighting?

Reza & MJ

Youtube/Bravo Reza Farahan & MJ Javid

A huge plotline on this season of Shahs of Sunset is “MJ” Javid and Reza Farahan‘s feud. But are the two friends today? The answer is no.

In a Bravo video uploaded on March 13, Reza and MJ talk about the status of their relationship. Reza reveals that the two are not talking today and are “completely” out of each other’s lives.

In a separate interview, MJ shares, “I think that when Reza watches the whole season, he thinks that I betrayed him. I think he’s going to learn that he was not betrayed.”

She continues, “I don’t really see a lot of room… that we should hope for any reconciliation. I’m not feeling very forgiving now.”

What Went Down Between the Two?

What actually led to the feud between Reza and MJ?

In Reza’s opinion, it all started when MJ started spreading rumors about Reza’s husband, Adam Neely. The Blast writes, “[Reza] says MJ began spreading lies that Reza’s husband had cheated and committed sexual harassment, and claims it was all orchestrated for the Bravo show.”

In response, Reza blocked MJ on social media. She then allegedly began going on a “campaign” against him. In retaliation, Reza posted the former friends’ text conversations on social media.

According to The Blast, one of the text messages revealed personal information about MJ’s time in the hospital while she was giving birth.

Tommy, MJ’s husband, was outraged with Reza for posting private information about MJ online, and that’s when the threats began.

Reza claims that in May, Tommy vandalized he and Neely’s home and even threatened to kill him, according to E Online. Reza then filed a restraining order against Feight.

In October, the court granted Reza the three-year restraining order against Feight. He has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Farahan.

Reza Hopes He and MJ Two Can Eventually Work It out

Reza is holding out hope for him and MJ’s relationship.

He tells Bravo, “I really pray to god this isn’t the end of my relationship with MJ. It would be really tragic for this to be the end of a 30-year friendship. So I pray to god he heals MJ’s heart further, he heals Tommy’s heart, he heals Adam’s heart, and he heels my heart further to get us to a place where there’s an opportunity for reconciliation.”

Reza continues, “I loved her for a majority of my life… I pray to god this is not the end.”

MJ, meanwhile, says she wants to heal separately from her former best friend. She tells Bravo that she doesn’t miss him, and thinks he should get “professional help.”

Season 8 of Shahs of Sunset airs Friday nights on Bravo at 9pm ET/PT.

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