Nicki Minaj’s EX-Manager No Chill on Instagram Live Gets Account Deleted [Watch]

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A couple of famous Hip Hop personalities have followed the lead of Baton Rouge icon Boosie Baddazz such as Tory Lanez, and Nicki Minaj’s ex-manager Big Fendi has provided adult entertainment courtesy of Instagram Live.

They have opened their own viral strip clubs entitled ‘Club Quarantine’ on ‘No Cap Tv,’ offering willing participants a variety of cash incentives via Cash App.

After Boosie Baddazz dubbed it, “It’s Quarantine T**** Day,” he received a message from Instagram warning him that if he didn’t stop with the nudity, they would take his account.

“Instagram told me they were gonna take my Instagram if they see any more nudity. So, I just DMed and hit ’em back in the email and asked ’em if y’all could just dance and shake that ass. You know what I’m sayin’? I’m waiting for their response. So that’s what we waitin’ on for QTP.”

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NAIL TEC N ATL dm @_munchieb_

A post shared by Boosie BadAzz (@officialboosieig) on Mar 25, 2020 at 1:38pm PDT

Unfortunately, for Big Fendi, the social media company wasn’t as sympathetic towards him because they actually took his verified Instagram account ‘Big Fendi’ and was forced to create another one [nocaplivetv].

Fendi went live and shared that he be up late practicing social distance, and the only way he shared that he could get through it is by going live every five minutes to entertain people.

“I be up late night man, we all practicing social distance. The only we are going to get through this S*** is by going live every five minutes and entertain N**** because this S*** is feeling like F*** depression if you don’t got no buns. Now, you gotta be careful even the buns not safe no more my N***. We just going to have cybersex; that’s the best thing to do; everybody just have fun from a distance, said Fendi. “God willing this all over in a couple weeks or days and whatever, and we can get some P****. This S*** crazy! I’m over her like d**** I’m thinking about getting some P***, but I better sit my A** down. Don’t let your D*** take your life N***. ”

As the video ended, Fendi shared his number and request women to send him nudes in DMS or face time him on the number that was pinned on the screen. He told the fellas to relax its ladies’ night.

Joe Budden Reacts to Fendi Deleted Account

During a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Budden shared his opinion on Big Fendi getting his account deleted.

“Back to Fendi and woman shaking they A***, they [Instagram] shout Fendi down. Fendi always looked as Fendi because that’s Fendi. You just know Fendi, but apparently Fendi like a celebrity I didn’t know, but we in New York, so that’s Fendi,” said Budden. “But, this was like a big thing Fendi is a celebrity why because used to manage Nicki Minaj? or found Nicki Minaj?”

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