‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode 7 Cast: Kestra & Other Special Guests


The seventh episode of Star Trek: Picard was perhaps one of the most touching of the series. We finally got to see Picard reunited with Troi and Riker after all these years, and the reunion was perfection. Riker and Troi have a perfect life. Here’s a look at the featured cast in Episode 7, “Nepenthe.”

Old Favorites Returned, Along with New Cast


Marina Sirtis was back, reviving her role as Deanna Troi. And she was absolutely perfect in that role.

Jonathan Frakes is back as Riker and he stepped into his role beautifully.

Lulu Wilson may have stolen the show as Riker and Troy’s daughter Kestra. Kestra was the name of Troi’s sister who died. She was Deanna’s older sister and she died shortly after Dianna’s birth. Dianna’s daughter actually looks a lot like her.

Lulu Wilson’s previous credits include The Haunting of Hill House, Sharp Objects (Marian), Gone Are the Days, Ready Player One (elementary kid), Raised by Wolves, The Millers (Mikayla), Black Box (Young Catherine Black), and more.

Jonathan Del Arco portrayed Hugh. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until I saw him on the screen. He’s the same actor who played Hugh in the original series. His past credits include Major Crimes (Dr. Fernando Morales), NCIS, The Closer (Dr. Fernando Morales), Dollhouse, 24, The Sopranos, American Dreams, The DA, Nip/Tuck (Sofia Lopez), Pearl, Pacific Blue, The Wonder Years, and more.

Peyton List returns as Lt. Narissa Rizzo, Narek’s sister. Her previous credits include Gotham (Ivy Pepper), Charmed, Colony (Amy Leonard), Frequency (Raimy), Law & Order: SVU (Margery), Bood & Oil (Emma), The Flash (Lisa Snart), The Tomorrow People (Cara), Mad Men (Jane Sterline), 90210 (Lindsey), Flashforward (Nicole Kirby), Big Shots (Cameron), Day Break, Windfall (Tally), As the World Turns (Lucy Montgomery), and more.

Tamlyn Tomita returns as Commodore Oh. Her previous credits include The Man in the High Castle (Tamiko), The Good Doctor (Allegra), Counterpart, First World Problems, Teen Wolf (Noshiko), Berlin Station (Sandra), Chasing Life (Dr. Mae Lin), How to Get Away with Murder (Carol Morrow), NCIS LA, Resurrection (Dr. Toni Willis), Days of Our Lives (Dr. Ellen Yu), Law & Order LA (Miwako), Heroes (Ishi Nakamura), Eureka (Kim Anderson), General Hospital (Giselle), 24 (Jenny Dodge),  JAG (Tracy Manetti), The Burning Zone, Santa Barbara, and more.

Derek Webster played a Romulan guard. His previous credits include NCIS New Orleans (Raymond Isler), In the Dark (Hank), Ray Donovan (Jackson Holt), Salvation (Dr. Garrett Strauss), Chance, The Whispers (Jessup Rollins), CSI, The Night Shift, Revolution (Nicholas), Harry’s Law (Judge Avery Beckland), Damages (Anthony Carter), Mental (Carl Belle), JAG, Time of Your Life, NightMan, and much more.

Kay Bess is the voice of the La Sirena computer. She’s done voices for many shows including The Loud House, Stuck in the Middle, Women Behind Bars, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and more.

Star Trek: Picard has done a great job of bringing in a variety of actors, including actors who were known and beloved from the original The Next Generation series. The actors who appeared in the latest episode of Picard did a phenomenal job continuing the story.

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