Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm Game Is Based on the TV Show

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Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm is a 2008 computer game for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The game, created by Northwestern Games, is based on the show Deadliest Catch.

As users are aware, the game takes place in the Bering Sea, where the reality show also shoots. It requires players to manage navigation, maintain their boats, and hire crew members– some of their options for crew include fan-favorites Edgar and Norman Hansen, and Josh and Jake Harris.

The game is currently available on Amazon, and you can buy it here.

Read on to learn more about the game and the Deadliest Catch franchise.


Out of 55 reviews on Amazon, Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm scores 4/5 stars. One user recently wrote that the game was a “pretty good simulation of the show.” That same user added, “… me being a huge fan of the show and someone who loves being on the water and fishing, I love this game.”

On Game Stop, the game scored a 3.7/5 stars, from 35 total reviews.

A recent post by The Gamer writes, “Deadliest Catch: The Game does a good job of detailing the day-to-day operations of owning your own ship, but it’s void of much excitement.”

The show itself premiered in 2005 and has been going strong ever since. It follows a group of fishing vessels that take on the Bering Sea during Alaskan King Crab and Snow Crab fishing seasons, and is currently in its 16th season.

Deadliest Catch: Bloodline Is a New Spinoff Series

Fans of the Deadliest Catch franchise may also be interested in the new spinoff series, Deadliest Catch: Bloodline, which recently premiered.

The spinoff follows Josh Harris, the son of legend Phil Harris, along with his business partner Casey McManus. It follows the pair to Hawaii, where they use Captain Phil’s old charts to “travel the islands and learn about the time his father spent their decades earlier,” reports Variety.

Speaking to TV Insider recently, Harris was asked how he came to realize that he should follow in his father’s footsteps and travel to Hawaii. He replied, “We started talking to some of the network people: ‘It would be kind of crazy to go test this out. Maybe we could do a special or something on this.’ As things started unfolding, it was like, ‘This would be a really good spinoff show.’ It was definitely a learning experience, trying to figure out why he went over there. I think I got a pretty good idea of what the old man was up to.”

Harris and McManus co-own the Cornelia Marie, along with investors Roger Thomas and Kari Toivola on board, too.

This season, the boat owners enlist the help of local fisherman Jeff Silva to find whatever gold Captain Harris has hidden using the maps of his secret charts.

The show premiered on April 14 at 10pm ET/PT and continues to air on Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT.

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