The Resident Season 4: Is the Show Canceled or Renewed?

The Resident

FOX Matt Czuchry and Bruce Greenwood in the "Burn it All Down" season finale episode of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, April 7

The Fox Drama The Resident airs its season finale early tonight, as the production on the show was shut down due to the global coronavirus pandemic. The show has not yet been renewed or canceled for the next season.  

The season finale for season 3 of The Resident airs tonight, April 7, but the season has been cut short, so it was not where the season had originally been scheduled to end. If the show does not return for season four, then it will never be able to tie up any loose ends it may have coming out of this episode, and if it does get renewed, then it will have to deal with those at the beginning of next season.

It’s possible the show could get back to production at some point in the coming summer, though there are plenty of safety concerns that would first be addressed by the studio.

Show Renewals Have Been Delayed Due to Coronavirus

While show renewals are generally announced before the end of the season, that hasn’t been the case for many of the shows airing in spring 2020. NBC’s NCIS has yet to be renewed with the season finale airing next week, along with the season finale of the NCIS: LA spin-off.

There is a chance that The Resident has not yet been renewed to due concerns with the viewership of the show. The show’s ratings have dropped 21 percent since last season, according to TV Series Finale. Those numbers aren’t an exact science, though. Fox had only a few more watched than The Resident this season.

The only shows with more viewership on Fox were 911, 911: Lone Star and Last Man Standing. The Resident beat out Stephen Dorph’s Deputy by less than one million average viewers, but that show has been canceled after its first season.

Filming Could Possibly Resume in July

It’s likely the show will return at the very least to wrap up any loose ends leftover from this season, but it’s not immediately clear when that kind of thing will be possible. Co-creator and executive producer of The Resident, Amy Holden Jones, told the Los Angeles Times she is unsure when the show will be able to return to production safely though some people are speculating it could be by July.

“Going back on set is complicated, it’s an enclosed space; people come and go. We don’t usually shoot until July and I hope by then the virus falls back but we don’t know. I don’t get to make that call; Disney will make that call, they own the show,” she said.

She continued to say that she would personally like to poll the cast and crew to see how they felt about possibly going back to work in July and emphasized that she does not want to be putting anyone in danger.

Even if filming did resume in July, that doesn’t necessarily mean the show will be renewed for the next season. It could just wrap up the current season at that point, but there is no word either way at the time of writing.

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