‘When Calls the Heart’ Poll: Should Elizabeth Pick Lucas or Nathan?

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Should Elizabeth pick Nathan or Lucas on When Calls the Heart? The question comes up during nearly every episode of the hit Hallmark show, and it looks like the debate isn’t going to end anytime soon. With Jack gone and never returning (his character died off screen), Elizabeth’s been left picking up the pieces and starting a wonderful life of her own with her baby. But she has two pretty impressive suitors, and it’s not clear when this love triangle will be resolved. Fans are more divided than ever on whether she should pick Lucas or Nathan. After the Season 7 finale, the debate continues. At the end of this article, take our poll and let us know what you think. 

This article will have spoilers for the finale of Season 7.

The last time Heavy hosted a poll about Lucas vs Nathan, Nathan won the poll by a wide margin. But a lot has happened since we ran that poll back when Season 7 started. Lucas has shown himself to really only have Elizabeth’s best interests at heart. He helped her find a publisher. He even arranged a great date for her to meet her favorite author even though he didn’t care about the author a lot. He insisted that Elizabeth take time to celebrate her great publishing news and he set up a really romantic candlelight dinner for her. He even told Elizabeth that he’s willing to wait as long as it takes for the right woman (while strongly hinting that the right woman is her.) Personally, I think Elizabeth has better chemistry with Lucas and he’s a better match for her. But a lot of fans disagree with me.

Many fans love Elizabeth with Nathan. He brings back memories of Jack since he’s a Mountie too, and he finally told Elizabeth that he has feelings for her. There was a rift between them when he found out she went on a date with Lucas, but it seems like they patched all of that up. And with the end of Season 7, Elizabeth remembered how much she cared for Nathan when she thought he might have been shot. The ending scene with their big hug left #TeamNathan fans swooning.

Before Season 7 premiered, ET interviewed Alfonso H. Moreno, an executive producer for the show. Moreno said about Elizabeth’s choice: “I hoped to develop these two new, very different, characters in such a way that both would be worthy of Elizabeth’s love. I also hoped that the social media fan base would be engaged enough to be split as to who was the worthiest choice.”

Well, Moreno has definitely achieved that goal. On social media, fans are really divided between Team Lucas and Team Nathan.

Erin Krakow told Desert News that she loved how invested fans are in her character’s choice. “I feel honored that our fans continue to be so invested in the stories we’re telling,” she said.

The big thing holding Elizabeth back right now is that she doesn’t want to hurt either man. But I also think it’s more than that. They’re both great options for her. I think she and Lucas have a better connection, but Nathan brings a familiarity because he’s a lot like Jack in some ways.

But Elizabeth’s got to make a choice soon. There are other women in Hope Valley who might make potential good matches for either character, so the sooner she decides, the sooner one of them can move on to his own bright future.

As Janette Stephens wrote on Twitter: “For the finale tonight, let’s remember regardless of the ‘team’ we’ve committed to, we’re all team #Hearties! Looking forward to a night of tweeting to celebrate a wonderful season together! #ChooseKindness #Hearties #WhenCallsTheHeart #TeamNathan #TeamLucas

Who do you think Elizabeth should pick? Vote in our poll below.

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