Who Is Turtle on ‘The Masked Singer’: Fans Think Chris Kirkpatrick


On the April 29 episode of The Masked Singer the Top 6 performed in an effort to continue to fool the judges and keep their real identities a secret. The Turtle has been safe every time he has performed so far, including winning his face-off with the Astronaut in an episode two weeks ago. Here’s why fans think Turtle is former *NSYNC member singer Chris Kirkpatrick.

Turtle Clues

Clues for the Turtle include waxing a surfboard, taking things “step by step,” and “making a big splash.” He has also been seen with a fire alarm, a baseball bat, a guitar, bubbles, and cooking hamburgers on a grill.

Another round of visual clues included a suitcase full of a gavel, an arrow, a journal, a baseball glove, and some cologne. Turtle has also said he not known for just one thing, and at one point, he was shown as part of a race, saying that “at the starting line” of his career, he was “surrounded by other hungry newcomers.”

He said that many of those other people “fizzled out quickly” and he eventually won the race.

Top Guesses for the Turtle

During one of the video packages, there was a tag on the Turtle’s suitcase that said, “Never Keep Open This Bag,” which makes the initials NKOTB, or New Kids on the Block. So Joey McIntyre and Donnie Wahlberg have been guessed, but fans think it’s a more current boyband member like Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC, Jesse McCartney of Dreamstreet or Nick or Drew Lachey from 98 Degrees.

The clues seem to point toward McCartney because of his stint on The CWs Summerland and his Teen Choice Award wins, but that could be some misdirection because a lot of fans think the Turtle sounds more like Kirkpatrick. Plus, there was a clue where the camera zoomed in on a map of South Korea, and apparently, Kirkpatrick’s dog is named Korea.

Non-boy band guesses have included Zac Efron and Drake Bell.

The latest episode added some clues in the form of a giant chessboard with the clocks to time moves set to what looked like 9:14 and 3:23. The Turtle also placed a stuffed ram on a pedestal at the end of his video package before he sang Alessia Cara’s “Stay.”

After the number, his “masked munchies” were revealed to be chips and apple salsa, which made judge Robin Thicke think maybe it was Gavin DeGraw because DeGraw is from New York City, aka the Big Apple. Guest panelist Gordon Ramsay, however, was quick to criticize “apple salsa,” asking the Turtle if he wanted to “get the runs.”

Who do you think the Turtle is? He wasn’t revealed on the April 29 episode, so you’ll have to keep tuning in.

Celebrities revealed so far on season three include Lil Wayne, Drew Carey, Chaka Khan, Tony Hawk, Dionne Warwick, Tom Bergeron, Sarah Palin, Bella Thorne, JoJo Siwa, Rob Gronkowski, Jordyn Woods, and Bret Michaels.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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