Cedrice Webber on ‘The Voice’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Cedrice took The Voice season 18 by storm when she auditioned with “Fever” as the very last blind auditionee of the season. As such, every team was full at that point except John Legend’s, but he was thrilled to get her on his team without any competition.

In the Battle Round, Cedrice lost to teammate Thunderstorm Artis on the song “Stay” by Rihanna, but what was Team Legend’s loss was Team Blake Shelton’s gain. He used his steal on her and she advanced to the Knockouts.

In the Knockout Round, Cedrice sang “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna against Toneisha Harris on “Diamonds,” also by Rihanna. Cedrice was again eliminated, but she was stolen by Kelly Clarkson and advanced to the live shows.

Here is what you need to know about this superstar in the making.

1. Cedrice is a 28-Year-Old From San Diego

According to her profile on The Voice’s official site, Cedrice is 28 years old and hails from San Diego, California. She grew up in a large Filipino family, though she said in a 2018 TedTalk that her multi-ethnic background made her feel like an “other.”

“This made me question my own challenges of who I am now and who I want to become,” said Cedrice, adding that she struggles with the identity of being multi-ethnic. “Most of us would hide from [the struggle] or ignore it. Most of us wouldn’t even give a name to the messy parts. Embracing the identity struggle leads to more authenticity. We can unplug from the voices of everyone else, the social constructs, and start to hear the hum of the street.”

“I’ve been described as exotic, which is a polite way of saying ‘your unknown origin is interesting,'” said Cedrice, adding, “Do you know how hard it is to explain who you are when you’re still trying to figure it out yourself?”

2. She is Bald Due to Alopecia

At the age of 10, Cedrice was diagnosed with alopecia, a condition where your immune system attacks your hair follicles. Hair loss is usually a few bald spots, but in some cases, all the hair on the scalp or body is lost. The hair loss is usually permanent and there is no cure.

For Cedrice, she lost chunks of her hair and was the victim of bullying at school, which caused her to fall into depression. She tried hiding her hair loss with wigs, but that made her feel like she wasn’t being her true self. So three years ago, when she started performing music in public, she began shaving her head.

“I’ve also been described as very brave to walk out in public without a wig over my bald head,” said Cedrice in her TedTalk. “As I started to learn to stand in my own shoes, I realized that I was an identity crisis waiting to happen … but hearing the description of someone else’s identity struggle helped me gain clarity on my own.”

3. Cedrice Released an Original Song in 2018

Official Video for Woman by Cedrice.This is the video for Cedrice's highly anticipated single, "Woman". What does it mean to be a woman? We all have a journey. This is more than just a song. This is an ongoing conversation to explore what it means to take ownership of your journey. Comment below with words and stories of your own…2018-12-01T06:53:28.000Z

In 2018, Cedrice released the single “Woman,” which she described on YouTube as asking, “What does it mean to be a woman? We all have a journey. This is more than just a song. This is an ongoing conversation to explore what it means to take ownership of your journey.”

The song came about because she started writing her “vulnerable thoughts and insecurities” in her journal,” which later evolved into “Woman.”

“As an artist, we are continuously redefining and polishing who we are, who we want to be, and how to demonstrate that,” writes Cedrice on YouTube. “As a young woman, I am doing the same in all aspects. Thank you, ladies, for listening to me at the women’s march and being my largest supporters. Thank you, men, for engaging in the conversation of what it means to be a man and especially a man who supports women through their growth. The chorus is, ‘What does it take to be a woman, is it gonna hurt to be a woman, what does it mean to be a woman.’ Join me in the journey to womanhood and give yourself permission to lean into it without fear.”

4. She Appeared in an Off-Broadway Play

Tell me about Your identity crisis | Cedrice Webber | TEDxSanDiegoHave you ever been asked, “What are you?” As an identity crisis waiting to happen, Cedrice’s multi-ethnic identity of “other” made her feel alone, but helped her realize that where she belonged, where she truly found her voice, was in music. Through her own journey of discovery she came to realize that embracing one’s identity…2018-01-03T20:49:26.000Z

In 2018, Cedrice appeared in an off-Broadway play in New York City called Agnus by renowned justice advocate and hip hop artist Ise Lyfe and author Matt Werner. The play, set in 2047, is described by Broadway World as a “futuristic crime mystery with a tech-driven set and theme.”

The drama “uses today’s political sphere and media culture to imagine the trajectory of law, politics, and news media in the not so distant future. Set in the year 2047, Agnus grapples with themes of corporatized media, an elite political sphere, advanced technology, prisons, and the governance of public opinion.”

Agnus is described as “an odd man in both appearance and personality. Cryptic and volatile after being accused of the murder of a California Governor, Agnus undergoes a series of interviews by a state-appointed psychologist to determine his fitness to stand trial.”

Cedrice played Monet Wu, a friend of Agnus’ who dared to “vocally challenge a politician face to face.” Over the course of the play, Agnus and Monet’s relationship deepens. My Entertainment World said of Cedrice’s performance, “Cedrice Webber shines as Monet Wu, crafting Monet with a fierce mysteriousness that makes the character both alluring and capable of confronting the establishment.”

5. Cedrice Made Her Professional Stage Debut In a Spoken-Word Opera

In 2017, Cedrice made her professional stage debut at the Joan Kroc Theatre in San Diego in a production of the spoken-word opera Ordinary Magic by Gill Sotu. In an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, Sotu described the piece as addressing “community, loyalty, finding your dreams and forgiving your past. It’s about finding hope in a hopeless city.”

The plot is described on the show’s Facebook page as, “An ambitious drummer at a famous soul lounge is forced to choose between saving her family, helping her community, or following her dreams amongst protests and powerful men with their own agendas.

“Wilimena ‘Billie’ Payne wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and be the drummer for the world-famous Vanguard Lounge dubbed ‘The Apollo Of The West.’ But when riots break out over the unsolved murder of the local televangelists Caucasian daughter in the minority-owned establishment, her community wants her to continue her mother’s legacy of fearless activism to help save the historic venue.”

Cedrice also models and has appeared in several commercials, including ads for Jameson Irish Whiskey and Uggs.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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