‘Rick and Morty’: Planets Only Website & Phone Number Explained

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On the latest episode of Rick and Morty, the post-credits scene had a funny joke about a service called “Planets Only.” Just like the Story-Train post-credits scene, this one didn’t have a website online when the episode aired, but it looks like someone registered the domain almost immediately after the after-credits scene aired. In case you missed it, the phone number shown during the post-credits scene doesn’t exist. Read on for a more in-depth look at the web domain and phone number behind the Planets Only post-credits scene.

This article has spoilers for Season 4 Episode 9 of Rick and Morty, including the post-credits scene. 

The Domain PlanetsOnly.com Wasn’t Registered Until Right After the Post-Credits Scene Aired

Unlike the Story-Train.com episode, the post-credits scene for Season 4 Episode 9 didn’t advertise a specific web domain. But since it did include an advertisement for a website service called Planets Only, it’s a sure bet that viewers will be looking for an associated domain.

According to the ICANN WHOIS information, the website PlanetsOnly.com was registered at 3:59 AM UTC on May 25, which is right when the post-credits scene aired for the first time. So although the Rick and Morty producers didn’t have PlanetsOnly.com registered at the time the episode aired, someone has already picked up the web domain. The registration information is set to private and it was registered through Google Domains, which anyone can use. Here’s the WhoIS information.



As you can see, it was registered for just one year, expiring in 2021. More than likely, this is not someone associated with Rick and Morty. This guess is based on the registration information for Story-Train.com, which clearly showed Turner owning the domain.

Here’s the registration information from GoDaddy:


As of the time of publication, a webpage had not been set up yet for PlanetsOnly, even though the domain was registered. Visiting the site only brings back an error message.


In case you’re curious, Planets-Only.com (which matches Story-Train.com) was not registered as of the time of this article’s publication.

A Phone Number for Planets Only Doesn’t Actually Exist

You may be wondering what the phone number was for Planets Only, since it was only on the screen briefly during the episode.

As it turns out, the phone number doesn’t actually exist. It looks like an Interdimensional Cable number — something that isn’t from our dimension.

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Yes, looking at the screenshot above, it’s clear there never was an actual phone number.

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It would have been funny if we had been given a real phone number or website for an ARG that takes place on the side. But even without it, this was still a really funny and creative episode.

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